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European House of Beds

Convincing implementation of a PIM solution creates customer satisfaction and significant process optimizations.

Digitalization is transforming the entire business

When you go to bed tonight, there is a fairly high probability that you will lay down in a bed from European House of Beds. They produce a wide range of bed concepts for leading Nordic furniture chains and bed specialists, including JYSK, ILVA, Sengetid, Sengespecialisten, and Bedre Nætter. European House of Beds ensures high quality, comfortable design, and innovative bed solutions that results in a wide range of product combinations, which can be tailored to each individual customer.

Transformation of European House of Beds with B2B Webshop and PIM Solution

European House of Beds has grown so large that the amount of product data has become very complex and extensive. The company chose to restructure the entire data architecture. In collaboration with Novicell, a B2B webshop with a comprehensive PIM solution has been brought to life. The solution has transformed the entire business and created significant process optimizations and customer satisfaction.

The task included

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    From 70 to under 2 hours of setup time for product series.

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    Scalable webshop with product configurator

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    Error minimization

    Elimination of erroneous orders due to intelligent "product recipes"

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    Customers can configure orders themselves

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    Fast processes

    Optimization of customer and employee onboarding, as well as other work processes

Our new digital setup changes everything for us. We have a new and digitized business - actually European House of Beds 2.0. The digital setup represents a competitive advantage for us.

Mathias Lundquist, Head of Digital Transformation
European House of Beds

The collaboration resulted in

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Time savings in creating new product series

4 0 mio.

Components handled in the PIM system

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It only takes 1 hour to onboard a new customer

Significant time savings with Perfion's PIM solution

With Perfion's PIM Solution, European House of Beds has now reduced the time required to create new product series from over 70 hours to under 2 hours. This can be attributed to two primary factors: All products and components are now created uniformly and efficiently, utilizing extensive inherited data. This replaces the previous manual and unwieldy process within the ERP system. All products are now part of intelligent product recipes, preventing errors in orders and ensuring accurate product configurations. This enables European House of Beds to generate thousands of accurate product combinations by simply adjusting the necessary parameters.

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The webshop now makes all product combinations accessible to both employees and customers

European House of Beds made the decision to establish a B2B webshop, enabling customers to order the new product series without the need for customer service assistance. The product configurator simplifies the order assembly process for customers. Even telephone orders have become more straightforward, as employees only need to be familiar with the webshop. The webshop is built on Magento, fully scalable, and integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system for order processing.

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Dynamic interaction between Perfion, Magento, and AX

There are integrations between Microsoft Dynamics AX, Magento, and Perfion. AX handles financial functions and process data such as inventory management. Perfion manages product data and product combinations, while Magento serves as the customer-facing webshop to ensure a great customer experience. The synergy between the three platforms - and the distinct data responsibility of each - elevates the business processes to a higher level.

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