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Perfion is a powerful PIM system for modelling important data domains and creates a solid connection all the way from ERP to sales channels and marketplaces


Perfion can be both simple and user-friendly and at the same time very advanced when needed. Targeting daily workflows for individual user roles and intelligent inheritance and combinations of product data ensures a solid data flow all the way.

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Perfion’s own definition of PIM

A PIM system's most important task is to help the company handle large amounts of complex product information and distribute the information efficiently on the relevant channels. A PIM system creates value by improving the company's marketing and sales measures, contributing to increased revenue, and by streamlining the company's internal processes.

It is the Marketing, Product Management and IT Departments that work with PIM. However, it is not only those departments that can benefit from a Perfion integration in the company, it is anyone who has an influence on or works with the company's product(s).

Advantages with Perfion

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    Seamless integration

    Perfion PIM integrates seamlessly into your existing IT landscape. This is achieved through an open API, so it is easy to connect Perfion to your current system.

  • Manage your product data easily and quickly

    Perfion PIM gives you full control and makes it easy for you to create and maintain all types of product information, and you don't even need to be a master of database technology to make it work.

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    Built for the future

    Perfion PIM is built for change. With simple "drag and drop" functionality, you can add new properties to your different types of products.

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    Security in focus

    Built-in security features ensure that only users with sufficient rights can edit the information relevant to their area of responsibility.

As previously mentioned, Perfion can be very advanced if the organisation and business processes need it to be. In complex cases, it can be difficult to assess how great one's needs really are. That is why it is good that Novicell can help you assess needs and solution options on the Perfion platform. Then you can get a PIM solution that is tailored to your needs.

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