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Frie Funktionærer

Frie Funktionærer is a trade union with its own cross-functional unemployment insurance fund. It is known for being a market leader in providing individual advice and service to its approximately 23,000 members.

The deliverables

Swift growth in online traffic

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growth in general organic traffic

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growth in new users

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increase in likes on social media

Revised social media strategy

Our expert team of digital marketing specialists advised Frie Funktionærer about how to gain traction on their Facebook campaigns and posts. From our experience, we knew the solution was simple; their Facebook communication needed to be centred around storytelling and emotion to inspire user involvement.

"We felt that Novicell was an excellent advisor who managed to combine user behaviour with offers and technology. Thanks to the competent sparring from Novicell, we are delighted to now reach far more people, keeping them up to date with member offers and relevant information.”

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Karina Elvison Bjorn, Sales and Marketing Manager
Frie Funktionærer