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The Nordic’s largest manufacturer of single-family houses is moving closer to the customers with the new customer portal: MitHus.

HusCompagniet is moving closer to the customers with a new customer portal

As the Nordic's largest manufacturer of single-family houses, it is crucial for HusCompagniet to constantly progress in order to maintain its leadership. In a strategic collaboration with Novicell, HusCompagniet has fulfilled the ambition to have the best digital relationship with customers through the brand-new customer portal, MitHus. On the customer portal, the customers can follow the construction process from start to finish. This ensures a closer relationship with customers and an engaging digital customer experience.

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The goal is to give new builders a 360-degree good experience of having their house built

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Every year, HusCompagniet helps more than 1,800 families make their housing dreams come true

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The customer portal solves three basic needs: Security, transparency, and an overview


All documents linked to a construction process are in MitHus: Drawings, construction contracts, environmental reports, authority permits, descriptions of material selection, etc. The focus has been on making all documents easily accessible and ensuring agreement on the latest and current document version.

Visualisation of the construction process

The customer can follow the entire process from the first meeting about the different phases of the construction process to the handover. The customer will also be able to see the order of the construction phases, an example could be, that the next step is for the carpenter to put in windows.

Images from the construction site

Even if the customer is far away from the construction site, they can follow the progress. The customer's construction manager will continuously upload new images to the customer portal as construction progresses. It provides exceptional transparency for the customer to be able to keep up visually with the construction site. This also means, that there will be a few images for the family album afterwards.

Best-of-breed & Ownership

The customer portal is made up of best-of-breed building blocks, which give HusCompagniet great flexibility in later expansions and upgrades of the platform. HusCompagniet owns the data structure and business logic itself. It has been a cardinal point for both Novicell and HusCompagniet to ensure that ownership rests with HusCompagniet in order to ensure maximum freedom of manoeuvre in the future.

The customer portal has been received very well by our customers. You can say that it is digital support for an otherwise very analogue process. This gives our customers unique transparency and security in the entire process

Søren Nolsöe, Head of Strategy, Business Development and Sustainability

The Solution

The solution itself consists of an API that can display data from HusCompagniet's data warehouse and a web app that can display data.

Data about all customers' constructions resides in systems that are optimised for each part of the entire construction process - planning, design, approvals/building permits, etc. - eventually also the building itself. HusCompagniet had all the data available, they have now simply been exhibited in a data warehouse that is available for the solution.

The API is protected behind a login that uses Azure Active Directory B2C. Azure Active Directory B2C offers identity and access management for customer-focused apps and is therefore a perfect match for this type of solution. In addition, the goal for HusCompagniet is that it will be rolled out on all their solutions so that customers in the future only have one login.

HusCompagniet's Tech Stack

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    Microsoft Azure

    All parts are built around and hosted on Azure - Microsoft's cloud platform. Display of data is implemented in Azure Functions, which are small jobs that can perform the tasks required for the data warehouse to be updated.

  • PWA App

    The solution is implemented as a Progressive Web App, which excels by utilising the options found in the latest browsers, e.g., sending out notifications, offline access, etc.

  • Vue.js

    The web app is built in Vue.js, which is a frontend framework containing a lot of tools for building this type of solution.

  • Umbraco logo


    The solution is managed through a CMS, Umbraco. Despite the fact, that there isn’t a lot of ordinary web content in the solution, Umbraco is an indispensable part of the solution and is used e.g., for explanations of the role of the various contact persons in the customer's project.

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