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New platform for Ilva and IDEmøbler

Next level ecommerce-solution

Denmark's largest retailer in furniture and home furnishings, IDdesign, chose Novicell as its digital partner in early 2017. The group, which is behind ILVA and IDEmøbler, recognized a significant untapped growth potential in breaking down the barriers between physical stores and digital presence. Novicell was tasked with enhancing IDdesign's overall e-commerce setup with a new platform for the company's two chains, ILVA and IDEmøbler, as part of a new and ambitious digital strategy. The strategy aims to solidify IDdesign's position as Denmark's leading interior retail brand.

The following parameters have been crucial in the selection of architecture and technology:

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    Well-proven technologies

Increased conversions

Shortly after the launch, the new solution is already generating positive results

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Increase in conversion rate

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More total transactions

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Increased revenue

Umbraco solution

Novicell has delivered a flexible and tailor-made Umbraco solution, designed to drive business growth both in the present and for years to come. The result is a high-performing and fast e-commerce platform for IDdesign, where the new e-commerce framework precisely delivers the functionality the company needs – no more, no less. The group can reuse core functionality across the board while maintaining the unique business logic that each brand has developed over the years.

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Intelligent product filtering and search

The filtering capabilities on the different sites have been taken to a new level, which is an increasingly important factor for conversion rate and overall online revenue. With "search as you type" and lightning-fast response time, the new solution ensures an enhanced product browsing experience for the users. This is crucial, considering the presence of 600,000 unique product variants per website. The construction and categorization of the entire product structure are managed 100% by IDdesign. Categorizations from their own ERP system are transferred to Umbraco, where they are imported into new categories.

A product from the ERP system can appear in multiple categories: A sofa, for example, can be classified as a "sofa," a "chaise longue," and a "corner sofa," allowing it to appear in multiple categories and searches on the frontend. Additionally, the company can create new categories that contain a range of products, such as stars, Santas, and Christmas stockings grouped under the category "Christmas decorations."

All of this allows for a custom-made menu structure on the website that is completely independent of the categorization in the ERP catalog. The webmaster experiences significant flexibility and can easily create menu items for special campaigns, holidays, or similar purposes, ensuring a dynamic appearance on the site, all without relying on the ERP system.

Variants and bundles keep track of the products

The many new product variants also place high demands on performance in the platform and architecture. This is ensured, among other things, by the two functions: variants and bundles. Bundles consist of several products from the catalog that IDdesign can assemble themselves - for example, for a complete shelving system consisting of drawers, cabinets, doors, etc. In addition, the variants provide a good user experience because the user can browse through different colors under each individual product (or bundle).

Instead of having 6 identical products in different colors, all the options are now included within each individual product - as variants - which simplifies the process both behind the scenes and on the screen.

Managing variants also allows editors to tailor content for specific holidays - for example, by displaying all the red variants leading up to Christmas or the yellow ones for Easter. Along with a flexible menu structure, IDdesign has great freedom to showcase their extensive product catalog.

User-customized extensions

Furthermore, the new solution supports click and collect, which has already been implemented in some stores, as well as a customized configurator module where customers can "build" their own product. The module also includes mix and match functionality, allowing customers to create a set of, for instance, a dining table and chairs according to their own preferences.

Our two chains have big ambitions for the new solution. And that means, among other things, that it needs to be able to handle tens of thousands of concurrent users at times. In this regard, we have naturally looked at the work done by Novicell for companies like Power - it's these kinds of results that provide peace of mind when sealing the deal.

Michael Christiansen
CEO, IDdesign

Flexible content modules

The new solutions for ILVA and IDEmøbler are built with an easily editable structure. The backend consists of dynamic content that can be edited using drag and drop content blocks. For example, each block can be scaled and rearranged directly in the Umbraco grid. Additionally, the special module allows the addition of: • Image or color backgrounds • Headings • Body text • Price tags • Shapes and figures

Performance, performance, performance

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    The solution is closely integrated with the ERP system, AX, and the entire product catalog can be updated in 5 minutes without any downtime.

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    All components receive/send data independently and can be freely replaced, such as CMS or queue, caching, and search software.

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    Product management

    600,000 unique product variants are handled using variants, bundles, and have lightning-fast filtering/search capabilities.

Component-based software

The new websites for ILVA and IDEmøbler are part of a comprehensive e-commerce solution delivered by Novicell. The e-commerce software consists of a set of components, each playing a specific role in the overall solution. One component defines the purchasing flow, another handles the checkout function, a third component handles the search function, and so on. The purpose of developing in this manner is to create a modular solution where the individual components do not need to be tightly coupled, but instead communicate with each other. This means that all components in the software can be replaced with components that fulfill similar roles. This future-proofs the solution and provides high flexibility both in the choice of software and in how a component tackles a specific task.

Smart server setup ensures stability and performance

Horizontally scalable processes prevent overload in the core functions of the solution. This is achieved by distributing tasks among a set of servers instead of relying on a single large server, which brings two advantages to IDdesign's new solution: Firstly, it prevents the system from going down when a server needs to be updated or restarted since the tasks are automatically distributed among the remaining servers. Additionally, the setup ensures the ability to add more servers and server capacity to handle high pressure on events like Black Friday or other high-activity occasions. As a result, the entire solution performs quickly even with a large number of concurrent users. With the new platform, Denmark's largest home furnishings retail chain can update the entire product catalog in less than 5 minutes - completely without downtime!

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