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FAQ universe for Ifö

Content tailored to customers' searches increases visibility in the Nordic region

Since 1976, Ifö has been selling quality products with deep respect for Nordic traditions and drawing inspiration from nature. Ifö is part of the Geberit Group, a market leader in sanitary products in Europe.

Increased visibility through an expanded FAQ

Ifö had a desire to achieve higher visibility for the questions regarding sanitary products in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Lithuania). This was to be accomplished by expanding their existing FAQ from a single page to a series of articles. With an FAQ universe, Ifö will reach an even broader audience and assist with the questions and challenges surrounding bathroom products. An FAQ universe will also contribute to a higher level of service for both their existing customers and new customers who require guidance and may not be familiar with Ifö beforehand.

The collaboration consisted of

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    Strategic content planning

    Conducting keyword analysis and engaging with customer service.

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    Creating 15 articles tailored to both customers and Google.

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    Localization for all countries

    Adapting the articles to fit the markets in the different countries (DK/SE/NO/FI/LT).

Thorough analysis leads to results

The FAQ was intended for use in five markets, so the first step in content development was a comprehensive market analysis of the queries users make in search engines in the five countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Lithuania.

With a clear international SEO strategy, Novicell conducted five detailed keyword analyses with a local focus. The differences in questions and keywords across the five countries were examined, and ways to combine them into common articles were explored.

Since its implementation on Ifö.dk in the summer of 2020, the performance development has been evident:


Increased impressions on Google


From 10 to 325 keywords in the top 3


More organic traffic to the FAQ universe

Good results are achieved through strong collaboration

A central part of achieving good results is a strong collaboration. We know that those who know their customers best are the companies themselves. That's why we always involve the individuals who have the best understanding of the end customers. For Ifö, it was obvious to involve their customer service, who knows better than anyone else what questions their users have. After thorough keyword research, the most common questions were categorized into different groups. The work then began to write texts that could address these questions and incorporate the results from the keyword analysis. The texts were initially created in English and then localized for each country based on their respective keyword analyses

Reaching the top in Google

In addition to achieving top rankings in Google, it is also possible to secure a Featured Snippet. Featured Snippets are small text excerpts that appear at the top of Google search results. The advantage is that they quickly provide answers to the user's query.

Featured Snippets are important in SEO work because they offer an opportunity to attract more clicks from organic searches without having a higher ranking in Google. SEO experts often refer to the Featured Snippet as "Position Zero" since it appears above the traditional Position 1.

Novicell placed significant emphasis on ensuring that the texts written for Ifö's FAQ universe would occupy Position Zero. This was done to drive more organic traffic to the universe, increase credibility, and foster loyalty through a prominent placement in Google.

The results were quickly measured and demonstrated positive outcomes:


Visibility on twenty featured snippets.

The collaboration with Novicell went perfectly with a good understanding of our needs and challenges. Honestly, it was a bit of a heavy process to get started, as there were many internal employees and, not least, countries that needed to be coordinated and accommodated. But there is nothing more rewarding than being able to report better and better results month after month following the implementation, and to have everyone from marketing, customer service, and management recognize the joint effort and its benefits.

Franciska Andersen, Online Marketing Manager
Nordic Marketing

A strategy that creates results

Through a comprehensive, collaborative, and coordinated effort between Novicell and Ifö, Ifö has achieved outstanding results with a completely revamped FAQ universe.

In addition to the dedicated work of our SEO specialists, a long-term strategy has been implemented. The strategy, coupled with the SEO efforts and collaborative approach, forms the foundation for the impressive outcomes. We anticipate continued growth by maintaining the long-term strategy, which involves regular updates and fresh content on the FAQ universe.

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