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The Municipalities' own development center offers new courses and education through a cutting-edge Drupal 9 platform

Komponent is the municipalities' shared development center

Komponent is a consolidation of three different organizations, each with a business focus on consultancy, analysis, education, courses, and customized learning. This merging of organizations created a unique opportunity to convey a completely new brand identity, where all three companies are seamlessly integrated in a natural and complementary way. Komponent therefore needed to unify their three distinct expressions and create a future-proof platform that can support all aspects of the organization's areas of expertise.

The solution consists of

  • Drupal CMS

    The website is built on Drupal 9, which is an open-source CMS. The solution is built on top of our Novicell Premium concept.

  • a human inside two arrows icon

    A sharp focus on the customer

    The website aims to communicate directly with the right stakeholders.

  • Relewise search

    Relewise is used for the site's search functionality, ensuring higher relevance and optimizing the site's content based on user behavior.

The collaboration with Novicell has been a great success. We have managed to complement each other throughout the process, resulting in a splendid delivery within the agreed timeframe. The fusion of three organizations into a larger entity like Komponent requires new ways of doing things, and Novicell has successfully transformed our desires and needs into technical solutions and features in a truly commendable manner. These solutions not only work seamlessly at present but also allow for future development as needs arise.

Louise Thinesen Bendtsen, Senior consultant

Target audience in focus

Komponent's website has a sharp focus on communicating with the right stakeholders. The site follows a lead-generating approach, with optimized signup flows and strategically placed Call-To-Action elements, making it easier for the appropriate stakeholders to get in touch with Komponent.

Relewise for search

The site integrates with Relewise as a search functionality. Relewise is a Danish-based platform for targeted personalization within searches and recommendations. The value of a customizable search functionality on a website is that it allows you to create relevance for your visitors. By increasing the relevance of the content displayed to users, you automatically start optimizing conversions and placing greater emphasis on delivering the content people are seeking. Komponent also uses Relewise to monitor user behavior in order to optimize their site content based on user search intentions.

Read more about search here

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