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Salling welcomes its online customers to an entirely new Salling.dk

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A new Salling.dk with a focus on the great customer experience

Salling is part of Denmark's largest retail conglomerate, Salling Group, which also includes Bilka, Føtex, Netto, and BR. Salling consists of an online shop, Salling.dk, as well as two department stores in Aarhus and Aalborg, and a customer club. It is a classic omnichannel setup that aims to create a seamless customer experience across channels. The first step on the journey to a new online shop involved extensive user surveys to ensure that the future webshop would be based on customers' preferences. Novicell assisted Salling throughout the entire process, from conducting user surveys to developing the new solution and its launch.

Three key findings from the user survey were as follows

  • Page load time

    All analyses indicate that page load time is crucial for a positive user experience. Salling's user surveys yielded unsurprising results: Speed matters. Therefore, Salling.dk is built headless and is optimized for speed in every possible way.

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    Easy website search

    Behavioral analyses, user tests, and interviews revealed that Salling's customers were looking for a more user-friendly search and filtering function. As a result, the search and filter functionalities have been optimized to meet customers' needs and behaviors. Menu items and navigation have also been significantly improved.

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    Streamlined checkout flow

    The user survey also revealed a need for a new checkout flow. The checkout flow has now been optimized to guide users through each step. There is also a greater emphasis on logging in with their Club Salling profile, benefiting the customers.

UX as the focal point

The new Salling.dk is a modern and well-designed webshop where shopping is meant to be inspiring. Therefore, various visual elements have been incorporated. User surveys and best practices have formed the basis for all user experience optimizations. All improvements are UX-focused, including the checkout flow, search and filtering functionality, navigation, and menu items, with the goal of making the customer journey through the purchasing process as seamless as possible. One of Salling's core values is to provide excellent service, and thus, a good user experience naturally reflects on the website.

Quick retrieval of over 60,000 products

  • At Salling.dk, you can find everything from tea canisters to bedspreads. With over 60,000 products across different categories, brands, and price ranges, an unparalleled search function is a necessity to ensure that customers are presented with the most relevant search results. Extensive work has also been dedicated to refining the filtering functionalities, allowing customers to easily locate a specific product or brand.

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  • Additionally, it is now easy for customers to determine whether the item is available online or in the two physical department stores. Salling has chosen to use Algolia as the search engine. Algolia is a SaaS-based search and filtering solution known for delivering excellent search experiences in terms of both results and speed.

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Salling.dk is intended to be a webshop in constant evolution.

The technical solution

The entire technical backend solution has been reimagined during the development of the new Salling.dk. The solution is now built headless, with the frontend separated from the backend, which offers the advantage of continuous and rapid frontend development or modifications. The solution is built on an Umbraco 8 platform, and the frontend is developed using Vue and Nuxt. Algolia has been implemented as the new search and filtering functionality. All products are stored with structured product data in the PIM system, Struct.

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