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Skechers is the world's third-largest footwear brand. All online sales to the Nordic market are handled through a new webshop.

The world's third-largest footwear brand

You probably know them well - the cool sneakers. Skechers is an award-winning global brand that designs and develops lifestyle and performance products in footwear, apparel, and accessories for women, men, and children. Skechers is the world's third-largest footwear brand. Their products are sold through retailers, their own concept stores, and their own webshops.

When Skechers decided to invest in a new digital platform in 2021, it was due to the challenges they faced with their existing platform, including maintenance difficulties and various performance issues, such as speed and stability. Additionally, Skechers desired a modernized cloud-based platform that would provide new opportunities for more efficient management of product data and marketing content. By implementing the new Shopify Plus solution, Skechers has also achieved cost savings in operations, as they no longer require external assistance when working on tasks like creating new content blocks and landing pages. Moreover, the previous issues concerning speed and poor performance have been successfully addressed.

The transition to Shopify has made content production easier, more enjoyable, and time-saving for editors. It has been like going from an old Lada to a Tesla, offering a significant upgrade in terms of efficiency and user experience.

Martin Vad Jespersen
Head of Ecommerce Sportsconnection A/S, Skechers

The conversion rate has increased by 30%

The results have been remarkable. The conversion rate in the shop has increased by 30%, and Skechers has also experienced growth in the average order size (basket size). Additionally, Skechers has observed an increase in organic traffic. However, this growth cannot solely be attributed to the speed of the new platform. As a brand, Skechers has been expanding, and since the launch, they have placed increased focus on SEO and content production.

Novicell's extensive experience with integration projects provided reassurance throughout the project

Naturally, the solution includes integrations with Skechers' ERP solution and PIM solution. Today, Skechers benefits from a robust and seamless integration engine. Product updates and inventory synchronizations run in real-time, ensuring efficient and accurate data management.

As it was not just a design project but also an integration project involving ERP and PIM, we needed a partner who had prior experience in such implementations. And here, we have truly been in safe hands. The collaboration with Novicell has been excellent as we have successfully found solutions together.

An agile project process

When we initially started the project, we had a different idea of what we were supposed to do. Novicell has managed to be agile and adaptable when changes occurred in the project. And together, we have found good solutions.

Martin Vad Jespersen

Shopify Plus

Skechers is built on the Shopify Plus platform. With Shopify Plus, we have access to all the features Shopify offers, and it also allows for scalability as needed. The shop is integrated with the rest of the system landscape, which includes the PIM and ERP systems. This ensures significantly smoother and fewer workflows, as well as complete control over orders, product information, and updated inventory levels. Skechers is experiencing substantial growth both globally and in the Nordic markets, and with the solution from Shopify and Novicell, the company is well-equipped for the future.