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Voters' new habits demand new digital solutions

The percentage of Danes who are members of a political party has declined over the years. Therefore, there is a need for new tools and methods to engage voters. This is what they have seen at Socialdemokratiet, which, together with Novicell, has created a completely new and vibrant digital platform. A new Socialdemokratiet.dk is now live and will be the digital anchor for the party's digital communication in the future.

A living website for a living party

A significant part of the political debate and local political engagement has increasingly shifted from physical meetings in assembly halls and community centers to social and digital media. The party soldier is no longer just characterized by being the one balancing on a ladder up a lamppost on the first day of the election campaign or standing half-frozen in the pedestrian street handing out roses. In fact, the typical core voter is rarely a member of the party, and that is why it requires new tools and new methods to engage tomorrow's voters – even though Socialdemokratiet remains the country's largest party in terms of members and voter support.

This realization has prompted Socialdemokratiet to bolster its digital presence – starting with a new website that will be the focal point for digital communication from Socialdemokratiet and serve as 'a living website for a living party'.

Moving a 150-year-old party into the digital world is not something that happens overnight. Therefore, the collaboration between Socialdemokratiet and Novicell started with a clarification phase about what a new website should be capable of for the party, which core elements the website should be built around, and how the visual expression should be.

From a reference work to a political source of inspiration

The new website was meant to be more than just a reference guide where visitors could find the address of local branches or the names of members of the main board, as it had been one of the primary purposes of the previous website. Socialdemokratiet wanted to embrace a broader approach and use the web platform as a political source of inspiration.

On Socialdemokratiet.dk, there is, among other things, a menu item called "Our Vision." In the world of party politics, it might have been called "Our Policies" in the past. Similarly, the menu item "Get Involved" would probably have been "Become a Member" in classical politics. These are just two small, concrete examples of how the website should be more than just a reference work for voters and members. The website should present core messages, create engagement, and form a movement based on beliefs. It should be a platform with messages that visitors can feel are relevant and meaningful.

One of the ideas behind the new website is to produce much more content – it could be related to current debates, campaigns, key issues, or similar topics. Visitors should be driven to Socialdemokratiet.dk, typically through other channels, to find exciting content. Perhaps this will encourage the reader to explore and read about other topics, sign up for the newsletter, or feel compelled to return and read about another subject later. The keywords are inspiration and engagement. There are many involving steps before a person may decide to become a member of the party.

The menu item "Our Vision" is the place on the website where one would go to see if they can identify with Socialdemokratiet's beliefs and key issues when considering where to cast their vote or even contemplating membership. This is where we need to be sharp in presenting our policies and hopefully win you over on a particular cause that resonates with you.

And that's why we need to drive a lot of traffic to the website from other channels.

Anders Bak Cohr, Campaign Manager

Recognizable typography

The typography is simple, clear, and consistent across other channels, including offline channels. This provides recognizability but also supports the reader in understanding that political content should be easily accessible.

The digital rose

Socialdemokratiet's classic red rose has digitally reemerged with a graphic and modern expression.

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Peak periods leading up to elections

Socialdemokratiet's website is designed with great robustness to handle large amounts of traffic. Peak periods for party web traffic naturally occur during election periods. In these periods, Socialdemokratiet experiences a high number of visitors seeking information about key issues or the party's general beliefs. During an election period, the traffic on party websites increases significantly. The new Socialdemokratiet.dk will initially be put to the test during the municipal elections in autumn 2021, and subsequently, of course, during a parliamentary election, which will take place at the latest in June 2023.

We want to inspire people, show them what our key issues are, and give them the opportunity to engage at a level they feel comfortable with. It can be anything from delving into a topic, reading more about our policies, attending events in the local branch, or becoming a member. Here, Socialdemokratiet.dk should be the digital anchor for all these possibilities. People should be able to navigate easily and seek inspiration – and I think we succeed in that.

Anders Bak Cohr, Campaign Manager

The platform is called Umbraco

Socialdemokratiet.dk is built on Umbraco version 8. Socialdemokratiet had a strong desire for an editor-friendly CMS where editors could easily create landing pages and smaller campaign sites with relevant content. Umbraco was a natural choice as it is known as "the user-friendly CMS" due to its simple user interface, making it easy to create and edit content and use images and videos.


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