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SOS Dansk Autohjælp

SOS Dansk Autohjælp is one of the Nordic region’s largest assistance organisations with the principal purpose of helping motorists in need. It has a large roadside assistance network throughout the Nordic region and offers roadside assistance subscription plans to both private individuals as well as companies.

Manual customer service system

SOS Dansk Autohjælp needed a new responsive sales and customer service platform. At the time, they were operating a heavily manual system where the level of service was dependent on individuals, often leading to a reduction in information sharing with a system reliant on manual effort. Therefore, SOS Dansk Autohjælp’s online shop and payment flow needed a total refresh.

Together with SOS Dansk Autohjælp, we created a new digital platform focused on enhancing the experience for users wishing to sign up and manage their roadside assistance plan.

The solution

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    Self-service universe

    We created a self-service customer universe where customers can quickly and easily get an overview of their subscription information. The user universe ‘MIT DAH’ was specifically designed to provide these customisable user experiences. For instance, MIT DAH supports login management via Facebook, making it extremely easy for the customer to enter.

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    Responsive design

    We delivered a responsive web design that adapts to the appearance of the website based on specific usage scenarios e.g., information about the customer’s car can be extracted from the Danish Motor Register and used to determine subscription information.

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    Integrated shop solution

    We built a tailor-made shop that meets the customer’s needs for subscription sales. E.g., the solution focused on presenting the various subscription levels in a clear and attractive way and their homepage now provides a simple graphical presentation of their three most popular subscription types.

Tailor-made shop functionality

We built a tailor-made shop functionality in Umbraco CMS to support the specific needs of SOS Dansk Autohjælp and its customers. For example, SOS Dansk Autohjælp noticed that a large majority of their customers were making laborious bank giro transfers. Integrations with Betalingsservice and ePay were therefore one of their most important wishes for the project.

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The results

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increase in total revenue

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increase in unique subscription purchases on mobile

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increased conversion rate for online store

“The new platform creates the perfect mix between our desire for a uniform visual and functional customer journey across devices; an optimised and efficient sale of subscriptions; as well as unique opportunities for our customers to do self-service.”

Torben Kring, Head of Roadside Development,
SOS Dansk Autohjælp