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When professional plumbers or individuals need to purchase plumbing articles, there is a high likelihood that it will occur on VVS-Eksperten's new webshop.

Securing the Future of the Business

As VVS-Eksperten's success and revenue continue to grow, the need for a new and stable webshop that can accommodate the increasing number of customers and handle a large amount of data also emerged. The result is a Drupal solution from Novicell, providing VVS-Eksperten with a sleek and future-proof webshop. VVS-Eksperten offers more than 20,000 product numbers, and customers can now easily and efficiently access information about them, including prices and stock availability in all 27 stores. Customers can also make purchases on the website and choose whether to pick up the items from a store or have the order shipped. The webshop features a "My Account" function, allowing users to log in and view their order history, create favorite lists, and submit complaints.




Product Numbers


Increase in Revenue during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

New Graphic Identity Designed for Customer Behavior

A creative yet structured approach has been taken to transform the customer experience from the old solution to the new framework. A significant portion of loyal customers had a deep familiarity with the previous solution, necessitating the creation of tools to retain these customers. This was accomplished through a login solution that houses favorite lists, reorder options, and invoices, enabling customers to quickly address recurring needs.

One of the most notable improvements in VVS-Eksperten's new webshop is its responsive design, which functions seamlessly across devices. Increasingly, more and more of VVS-Eksperten's customers use their mobile phones to seek information and purchase plumbing articles while on the go.

And it is a powerful tool for customers that they can now instantly, during a construction or renovation project, see the availability and prices of necessary items and decide whether they want to pick up the goods immediately.

Highlighting Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

For new customers, one of VVS-Eksperten's unique selling propositions is emphasized in the design. VVS-Eksperten wanted to highlight that customers have the opportunity to receive expert advice from trained professionals both in the stores and over the phone. UX and conversion optimization have also been implemented to design a smooth checkout flow, ensuring customers do not get lost in the purchasing process.

Fully Integrated

The shop solution is fully integrated with the ERP system (Navision), ensuring that product data, stock status, and prices/discounts are swiftly transferred between the systems. When a customer places an order on the webshop, it automatically goes to Navision, where the entire fulfillment process is handled. The Navision integration also provides data to a sophisticated pricing engine, allowing VVS-Eksperten to time-manage future prices and discounts on the webshop. Prices and products can be bulk-edited directly in Navision, ensuring they are always up to date.

The Technology behind VVS-Eksperten

The solution is built on Drupal 8 and DrupalCommerce, an open-source CMS solution. With Drupal, there are no expensive licenses to pay for, only for development time. Drupal provides a wealth of modules that can be built on top of the core system. Additionally, new modules and security updates are regularly released.

Drupal Splash Awards: VVS-Eksperten

The solution for VVS-Eksperten won silver in the Best E-commerce Website category at the Drupal Splash Awards 2019.

Further Optimizations

After VVS-Eksperten.dk went live, Novicell and VVS-Eksperten have collaborated to further optimize the webshop. This has been done based on customer feedback and analysis of how the new webshop is being used.

We have obtained a webshop that looks really good and, most importantly, helps our customers quickly and efficiently find information about products, stock status, and prices. The solution is robust, even during peak load situations such as Black Friday.

Allan Elgaard, CEO

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