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VVSPlus can now effectively increase the right efforts

You may be familiar with the situation. You need a craftsman, but you don't necessarily need a major project done. So, you don't want to go through the whole process of requesting a quote, waiting for a long response time, only to realize that it wasn't exactly what you wanted. The quote gets revised, and the process repeats over and over again. VVSPlus aims to solve that problem.

VVSPlus was created with the idea of making the entire process easier for consumers. With digital quote ordering, a response time of maximum 24 hours on weekdays, and online access to book craftmens' calendars, you get an optimized craftsman process beyond the ordinary.

That's what makes VVSPlus the most IT-savvy craftsmanship business. in Denmark, an accolade they received in 2020 from MesterTidende and Licitationen, which are industry publications.

VVSPlus has chosen Novicell to assist them on their journey and to develop a Power BI report that can digitally enhance their business.

The Assignment

VVSPlus had a goal to consolidate their data and create an overview of the relationship between different data sources across channels and platforms. The objective of the assignment was to enhance the business on a data-driven basis and make it easier to make strategic decisions based on concrete information and tangible data visualization. While it is not impossible to accomplish this internally, the challenge often arises when companies need to retrieve data from multiple systems. The process becomes even more complex when attempting to establish connections between various data sources to gain a deeper understanding of the business. The collaboration between VVSPlus and Novicell has resulted in a Power BI report that combines the key data sources for VVSPlus and presents them in a clear and comprehensible manner.

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The data collection consisted of:

+ 3.3 0 million

Rows of data

+ 6 0

Gigabyte data

+ 30 0

Daily data pipelines

The collaboration with Novicell has been valuable to us for three reasons. Firstly, Novicell's team has been excellent at understanding our desires and ambitions. Secondly, the PowerBI module has been developed precisely to meet our needs, and it is simply easy to use. The solution provides us with a holistic overview that can elevate multiple aspects of our business and assist us in making the right strategic decisions.

Louise Houengaard, Marketing and Development Manager

Data Sources

Specifically, information and data are gathered from various systems and platforms. The reports draw data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the booking system Jublo, VVSPlus' website platform DynamicWeb, Facebook, and Google Analytics. The entire data collection is built on the Azure suite, which extracts and transforms the data. Power BI then models the data and creates the interactive overview and reporting module.

Smooth Integration

Novicell has already assisted VVSPlus with their website project, building the site on the DynamicWeb platform. This has resulted in a collaboration for the data management project based on a deep understanding of VVSPlus' business, making the data integration between the website and the Power BI report even easier.

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Scoping Process

Novicell scoped the process with the aim of first gaining an understanding of VVSPlus, their data sources, and ambitions. Next, use cases and necessary features were prioritized. The team then proceeded with the development of mockups and data modeling, followed by the creation of a roadmap and implementation plan. The outputs from the process are shown below.

A plan for extracting more value from your data

Mockup of reports/dashboards that create the most value for your business objectives

An overview of the necessary data and how it should be collected

An estimate for implementing the selected reports and roadmap

Revenue and Budget

This report page allows VVSPlus to gain an overview of their revenue, compare it against the budget, and delve deeper into additional parameters such as individual employee performance for the technicians employed by VVSPlus. The page also provides the ability to see how the various business segments are distributed within the revenue, the monthly contribution margin, and all of this in comparison to the previous year.

Orders and order duration

Here, VVSPlus has the opportunity to dive into the details of their different orders. They can, for instance, view the purchase frequency over time with an accompanying trendline, observe the number of orders handled by different technicians and departments, and assess the average order duration. The order duration is particularly important because VVSPlus' core concept of fast response times for tradesman quotes is also reliant on swift order execution. By tracking the order duration over time, VVSPlus can determine if they are actually improving on one of their core competencies.


On this page, VVSPlus can gain further insight into their customers. They can see changes in the number of customers over time, the contribution margin per customer and whether it is increasing over time, revenue per customer, the geographical distribution of all their customers, the platforms their customers most frequently use (mobile, PC, tablet), gender and age, as well as the distribution of new versus existing customers. For VVSPlus, it is particularly interesting to observe new versus existing customers to gain insight into repurchase patterns: What is the ability to retain customers, and where in the business are they exceptionally good at this?


Marketing is an essential part of the business's ability to attract new customers. With this reporting page, VVSPlus can focus on which marketing efforts perform best, the costs associated with marketing to a new customer, and the level of activity their individual marketing campaigns generate.


This page provides VVSPlus with the opportunity to sort and filter their business based on geographical locations. It is therefore possible to gather the most essential functionalities on this page, which are then distributed geographically. Among other things, VVSPlus can see the contribution margin for a specific area, revenue, number of orders, online traffic, purchase frequency, and much more.

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