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Data-driven business development

Create change through data

What is data-driven business development?

There is enormous business potential hidden in untapped data, but creating valuable change through data requires a targeted and strategic approach.

Strategic measuring points

Does your company use strategic measurement points in the preparation of your strategy? If no, then it's just a matter of getting started. Your key performance indicator (KPI) demonstrates how effectively you manage to achieve your company's objectives. KPIs are therefore measurable values and an effective management tool that you can use to advantage in your company - and we would like to help you on your way to find the direction that suits your company.

We can give you workshops with content of:

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    Management of goals based on data

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    Better overview of your performance through data

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    Better documentation of your results

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    Digital KPI setup

    Insight into a digital KPI setup, which identifies success criteria for your digital approach and at the same time visualises your performance, so that the digital goals become part of the employees' everyday life

Data strategy

We use data as a guide that can help us look forward and backward. We can help your company create exactly the strategy that sets the direction for you. We have a team ready to lay out a strategy for where you want to go with your data, how it will be aligned with your business strategy and how we can move forward together from here. A data strategy can be the most important tool for achieving long-term success with data – and ensuring the success of the business. In a joint preparation of your data strategy, we must get to know your company, target group, challenges and long-term strategies. It can take place via a few simple workshops or it can be a process over several months. It depends on your business, ambitions and objectives. We adapt to your needs.

We have now created a strong data-driven business development to strengthen our sales and customer loyalty. At the same time, it has given us a clearly improved dialogue with customers and thus an opportunity to make them even more satisfied.

Jesper Skovgaard
Commercial Director, Molslinjen

Selected companies we have helped with data value

Review of your data setup

Your company probably already has existing reports and dashboard lying around, but probably some that are not used and therefore do not follow the market or business development and thus show out-of-date data. Therefore, decisions can be made on the basis of incorrect data, which does not benefit your business. It is important to have control over your customer data - both now and in the future. Therefore, we are happy to provide a non-binding review of your existing setup, where we look for gaps that can be made for improvements that can create value in your business. Together we can arrive at improvements that can benefit your business.