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Novicell Premium

Novicell Premium – Plug and Play websites. Premium is Novicell's best practice in web development in one package, so you can get started quickly

Choose the right solution for you

There are an infinite number of platforms that can create a fast website. But if you want a solution that can contain your organisation or business as it grows, then you need a solution that is built for it. Novicell has been building web solutions for more than 20 years and we have put together a package with our best practice and the core functionalities from well-performing web solutions in an affordably priced package.


We provide Novicell Premium on Drupal

Read more about Drupal here

Building an ecosystem

The premium product is for organisations that want the opportunity to expand the solution when the need arises. Even if a website is delivered as an independent system or simply thought of as a simple online business card, it is common sense to choose a solution that can scale as the customer base, the IT landscape, the markets or the product catalogue grow. With the speed with which digital development is happening today, many businesses are dependent on IT ecosystems rather than independent units. A Premium platform can be integrated into your business systems, third-party services and partner services, thus ensuring that the platform remains relevant to your business needs.

Advantages with Novicell Premium Drupal

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    Language layer or several sites in the same solution

    A Premium solution can be adapted to your markets with language layers, which display language versions of your landing pages. You can also build several sites in the same solution for each of your brands or for specific campaigns or partner sites.

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    Flexible design beautifully packages your brand

    Novicell Premium comes with a nice design that adapts to your brand with colours, fonts and, of course, your content.

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    Our experts included in your package

    Although Premium is a quick and cheap way to get a well-built website, you are also a customer of Novicell. This means that you have access to sparring with some of the country's leading experts in a number of digital disciplines.

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    What you see is what you get

    Premium is software. You can see the design, test the user experience, play editor in the back office and "feel" the product before you buy it.