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HubSpot - CMS / Website

HubSpot's CMS solves complexity in the world of CMS.

Efficient Collaboration with HubSpot CMS

In the world of Content Management Systems (CMS), complexity and lack of flexibility often raise concerns. Nevertheless, HubSpot's CMS is often a great solution for marketers, developers, and IT teams. Its many features enable seamless collaboration and flexibility, but it requires the correct setup and configuration. Novicell offers tailored HubSpot CMS solutions to create functional websites and deliver digital experiences. With our expert team and HubSpot's powerful CMS tools, we ensure that your website aligns with your brand identity and maximizes online impact.

HubSpot CMS Hub: User-Friendly, Integrated with CRM, and Scalable Web Development

HubSpot CMS Hub provides you with control, security, and opportunities. Here is a glimpse of what we can assist you with using HubSpot CMS Hub.

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    Easy and Intuitive

    HubSpot CMS Hub is user-friendly and integrated with CRM. Update and create pages without the need for developers.

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    Control and security

    More control over marketing with themes and modules in HubSpot CMS. Standard SSL, web hosting, user and team permissions, and 24/7 security monitoring are included.

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    HubSpot Development - Desktop and Mobile

    Our in-house team can design, develop, and scale high-performance websites that drive key business objectives and create an incredible user experience.

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    Dynamic Content / Smart Content

    Benefit from our developers specialized in HubSpot development who have an in-depth understanding of the platform.

Easy and Intuitive

HubSpot CMS Hub is integrated with your CRM and features a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, contact attribution reporting, and multilingual content. You can update and create new pages without the assistance of a developer or the use of custom code. As the website is integrated with your CRM, all new leads and customers will be automatically tracked and saved in the system.

Control, Security & Hosting

Premium cloud hosting is included as standard to ensure your customers have the best experience. Developers will be able to provide content editors with more control over changes through themes and modules. HubSpot CMS comes with standard SSL, web hosting, user and team permissions, as well as 24/7 security monitoring.

HubSpot Development - Desktop and Mobile

Take advantage of our developers who specialize in HubSpot development and know the platform inside out. Our in-house team can design, develop, and scale high-performing websites that support key business objectives and create excellent user experiences.

Dynamic content / Smart content

Harness the data in your CRM to create dynamic, SEO-friendly pages that can be easily updated by the marketing team. This enables you to create targeted content based on your segments, such as personas, geographies, activities, etc. The HubDB feature also allows you to create modules like product catalogs, pricing data, and much more.