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HubSpot is a CRM platform with tools for marketing, sales, customer service, content management and operations. HubSpot is one of the top user-rated CRM platforms


HubSpot is a CRM platform that includes all the software, integrations, and resources we need to connect marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Each product in the platform is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when they are used together.

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360° Customer view - Isolated systems don't work for today's customer journey

Customer journeys are becoming increasingly complex, and if your systems don't communicate with each other, it can be challenging to deliver a connected customer experience. This can lead to:

  • Silos between teams, making collaboration more difficult.
  • Inconsistent user journeys that can create confusion and mistrust among new leads.
  • A system landscape that is inflexible and makes your company less agile and less capable of adapting to change.

HubSpot offers a solution where the entire platform is built on the same codebase. HubSpot consolidates all your data in one place, allowing you to build deeper relationships with customers.

Why choose Novicell?

It's crucial for a CRM system to be able to grow with a company's needs. HubSpot can do that because the platform can handle processes in both very small businesses and large enterprise-level companies.

Novicell has delivered HubSpot solutions to a range of B2C, B2B, and interest organizations. Furthermore, Novicell is a close partner with HubSpot and is the first Danish-owned consulting company to achieve HubSpot Platinum Partner status.

We are specialists in making the HubSpot platform work seamlessly with other core platforms within the company through integration development

Our process

At Novicell, we follow a structured process where we guide you from start to finish. We begin by defining your goals and specifying the project. Then, we implement what has been agreed upon, with ongoing status meetings and communication. After completing the project, we look to the future, where we jointly explore new opportunities and strategic initiatives.

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    Goal setup

    What do we want to achieve through marketing and sales? The first step in our process is to set goals. Here, we define the purpose of the project and discuss the goals you want to achieve. We delve into your business strategy and long-term plans to gain a better understanding of how this project can support and fit into your path forward. Ultimately, you will have a clear overview of the business strategy and growth initiatives that can be easily communicated

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    After we have reached an agreement on the scope and goal of the project, the actual implementation begins. Here, we will set up your portal, develop any integrations, create themes and templates for your website, build your marketing, sales, or service processes, configure reporting, and so on. This will leave you with a fully functional platform designed for your purpose.

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    Continuous Improvement

    After the initial setup is complete, we go through a feedback and improvement process. In close collaboration, we look ahead to new initiatives and establish a strategic partnership. We provide support in areas such as content improvement, SEO, social media, advertising, attribution reporting, lead scoring structures, automation, sales enablement, website optimization, data processing, custom integrations, and more.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services tailored to help your business maximize the potential of the HubSpot platform. Our certified specialists are ready to guide you through everything from onboarding and implementation to optimizing marketing, sales, and service processes. We also have expertise in HubSpot CMS and integrations to help you make the most of your digital presence.

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    Onboarding & Implementation

    We offer a comprehensive HubSpot Onboarding service, including CRM configuration, strategy, and training. Our goal is to ensure you maximize HubSpot's capabilities to boost your growth. With our certified specialists, you'll receive both virtual and classroom-based training to harness the platform to its fullest potential. Choose Novicell for a robust and value-driven HubSpot experience

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    Marketing, Sale & Service

    We tailor your Marketing, Sales, or Service Hub to your company's specific needs. Our service includes assistance with digital strategy, email marketing, social media, lead nurturing, and more. We focus on optimizing your sales processes and automating your activities. Additionally, we provide technical and strategic guidance to increase traffic, convert leads, and achieve your business goals. Our consultancy always adapts to your unique business requirements and ambitions.

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    CMS / Website

    HubSpot CMS offers a scalable solution that makes website management easy and efficient. With our expert team by your side, you not only get a website that looks great but is also easy to manage. We guide you through every step, from building to optimizing, ensuring a user-friendly experience. We recognize the importance of your digital presence, and our service ensures that you harness the full potential of your website.

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    Integrations & Extensions

    We specialize in connecting your tools and systems with HubSpot, creating an integrated ecosystem for all your activities. Our approach is tailored to your needs, offering both standard and custom integrations. The goal is seamless data transfer between systems, eliminating the need for manual input and freeing up valuable time for you.

Benefits of HubSpot

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    An integrated CRM platform

    HubSpot can help you grow better. You have access to the essential tools you need, regardless of the pricing plan you choose.

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    Integrations with other business systems

    HubSpot offers over 1,000 standard integrations at your disposal. Novicell is ready to assist if these integrations do not meet your needs, as HubSpot has a highly developed API.

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    Report on the ROI of your marketing efforts, sales effectiveness through robust forecasts and sales analytics, and the efficiency of your service. Based on consistent and updated data.

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    Utilize automation to nurture your contacts, pass qualified leads to sales, put the sales process on autopilot, resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently, and streamline the entire customer journey.

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    Intuitive and easy

    One of the biggest reasons to choose HubSpot is the simple and intuitive user interface. All hubs and areas in HubSpot use the same layout, making it easy for the user to learn and use the system.

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    Automatic tracking

    HubSpot allows for automatic tracking and logging of all your communication between you and your customers/leads. Your team can stay in their preferred email system such as Outlook or Gmail, and all relevant emails and meetings are automatically recorded under the respective contact or company.

HubSpot Hubs we support

  • Marketing Hub

    This hub is a complete solution for inbound marketing. It offers tools for content creation, social media management, email marketing, lead generation, analytics, and more.

  • Sales Hub

    The Sales Hub is designed to streamline your sales processes and enable your team to close deals more efficiently. It provides tools for managing contacts, tracking leads, automating sales tasks, and gaining valuable insights into your sales pipeline.

  • Service Hub

    The Service Hub focuses on delivering customer service and support. It includes features such as ticketing systems, knowledge bases, live chat, customer feedback tools, and more.

  • CMS Hub

    CMS Hub allows you to easily create and manage your website. It offers a scalable and user-friendly content management system, allowing you to customize your site, optimize it for search engines, and deliver personalized experiences.

  • Operations Hub

    The Operations Hub provides a centralized platform to automate manual tasks, integrate data from various sources, and gain valuable insights to drive efficiency and growth.

HubSpot Hubs - Robust individually, stronger together

HubSpot CRM is built on a single code base with integrated hubs for marketing, sales, customer service, website management, and operations.

Each HubSpot product is powerful on its own, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Through our experience, we have seen greater growth and improved collaboration across departments for clients with multiple hubs. Novicell recommends purchasing more than one hub to make the most out of the system. Below, you can see an example of the difference between having 1 and multiple Hubs.

This graph is based on the total monthly website traffic volume for HubSpot customers who owned only CMS Hub Professional/Enterprise or CMS Hub Pro/Ent + Marketing Hub and Sales Hub for at least 12 months between January 2019 and September 2022. The chart displays website traffic at month 12 post-purchase for each product, using CMS Hub Pro/Ent as the baseline.
This graph is based on the number of deals marked as "closed-won" in HubSpot CRM by customers who owned either Sales Hub alone or both Marketing Hub and Sales Hub for at least 12 months between January 2019 and July 2022.

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HubSpot is, for most, synonymous with "inbound marketing" as they pioneered the concept many years ago. However, today, HubSpot is much more than a marketing automation platform. It has evolved into a front-end system for employees in various departments within many companies, ensuring smooth handoffs between departments and delivering the best customer experience.