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Cloud Services

Cloud services connect programs, data and devices and are used, among other things, to build, roll out and manage your web solution.

Hosting and digital infrastructure

Cloud services are IT infrastructure delivered over the Internet. With cloud services, you can outsource the parts of your organisation's infrastructure that require a lot of maintenance and a lot of resources, but receive very little attention as long as they work as it should. In this way, your valuable IT skills can work on the services that make your business unique and support the next generation of your products and services.

Novicell Cloud Services provides solutions with a focus on:

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    Resource optimisation

    Free up IT resources with flexible resource allocation

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    Delivers data security and compliance at server level.

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    Provides high performance with latest generation hardware and well-maintained software.

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    Provides stability and continuity with backup and establishment of new servers

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    Ensures the right capacity with scalable server setup

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    Ensures minimal downtime because the cloud does not have one server that constitutes a 'single point of failure'

We have many years of experience

Novicell has many years of experience with the operation and development of the largest Danish e-commerce solutions. Our cloud service system administrators assess the company's needs and ensure optimal performance in relation to peak load, load balancing, typical number of users and important security updates. Regardless of whether you choose traditional hosting or hosting in the cloud.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner - Cloud Platform

Novicell has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since 2017 and collaborates with Crayon A/S, which is one of the world's leading Microsoft distributors. We can help you find your path to the cloud that creates the most value. We work closely with Microsoft, which is why we are always up to date with the latest options and have the expertise required to implement them.

360 degree operation

Novicell monitors your web solution and ensures a well-functioning server setup.
By pooling operations at Novicell, you get a single point of contact that gives you peace of mind that a task or problem does not end up between different suppliers..
Then you can take care of your business in peace and quiet, while our experts take care of data security, updates and performance.

We handle the operation of the solution itself and maintain the software application.
This means that you always have a team of frontend and backend developers watching your back, ready to spar with you and assist - no matter what questions and problems arise.
Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures that all customers receive quick responses to their inquiries and that critical errors are resolved immediately.

Our Cloud Service Agreements include

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Hosting and monitoring

- Shared Hosting - Dedicated Hosting - Cloud Hosting - Ongoing remote backup - CPU/disk/ram monitoring and duty schedule 24/7 - Application monitoring 24/7

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Support and Service team

- CMS backend support in the period 8am - 4pm - Quick response regarding minor tasks - Fast fix of critical errors

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Development and staging sites

- Staging sites for testing before commissioning - Development server for the Development process

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Code storage and documentation

- Cases are managed and history preserved in Atlassian Jira - Control and version Control of the code via Bitbucket for instance

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Security updates

- Patching of the operating system - Security updates of CMS - Compliance with service targets

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Own system administrator

- Adjusts your setup regardless of the data centre - Supplement to own IT Department

Selected companies we have helped with cloud services