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Novicells Composable Commerce Accelerator: Spark

A commerce accelerator built on MACH principles enabling a fast time-to-market

By leveraging pre-built features & best-of-breed technologies, Spark delivers key benefits for organizations looking for a composable architecture with fast time-to-market. Get ready for the future with a flexible and scalable solution that allows you to meet changing customer demands – and overtake your competition.

Start your new commerce adventure. Now. 

Going composable can seem like an overwhelming journey. Navigating the many different technologies, options, and features can be a long, complex, and challenging task.

Spark is an accelerator that, as the name suggests, enables you to speed up the process of designing and implementing your composable commerce solution. Spark is a scalable and extendable deployment ready package based on best-of-breed technologies and pre-built features allowing you to start your new commerce adventure at a fraction of the time.

With our composable commerce accelerator, Spark, the road to your new commerce solution doesn’t have to be so daunting. Based on years of experience, we have selected, designed, and tested a set of best-of-breed technologies creating an accelerator that can serve as the foundation for your MACH-based composable architecture. This provides you with a unique opportunity for fast time-to-market while keeping the freedom to customize key customer touchpoints and integrate with the technologies of your choice.

Even though we have built the basics, you can still design the solution, just the way you want it. We have simply made the way to your desired destination a lot easier.

How does Spark work?

Spark is the foundation for your composable commerce solution. We have selected the technologies and built the most common commerce features beforehand allowing you to focus on key customer touchpoints and unique features that can help differentiate your business from competitors.

Spark is based on years of experience

Spark is built on more than 10 years of experience within performance, composable, headless, and separation of concerns. We have carefully selected a combination of technologies and features that will meet current and future business needs while ensuring time and cost-efficiency from the start.

This is what you get with Spark

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    Skip time-consuming tasks on your commerce journey

    Selecting technologies and designing a composable architecture from scratch can be a complex and time-consuming task. Spark is an out-of-the-box commerce foundation that integrates with the technologies of your choice.

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    Focus on how to differentiate – we will handle the basics

    We have built and tested the most common commerce features, so you don’t have to. With Spark, you can focus on how to create unique customer experiences and differentiate from competitors.

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    Scale, replace, add, or remove

    Enjoy the flexibility of a composable architecture allowing your technology to scale with the business. Spark offers you the opportunity to experiment with technologies of your choice without having to make large investments.

Spark is built on MACH-principles

Novicell is the first Danish owned consultancy to join the international MACH Alliance. MACH is a collection of four acronyms: Microservices, API First, Cloud Native and Headless. The MACH Alliance is the front-runner for the MACH principles and has taken the lead in working to ensure that companies break down their large IT-solutions into smaller and far more specialized best-of-breed platforms that support the actual needs of the company.

Spark contains...

  • Commercetools

    Commercetools is one of the world’s leading commerce platform built on modern MACH principles allowing you to tailor the solution to the exact needs of the business and customers.

  • Algolia

    Algolia is one of the leaders in globally scalable, secure, digital search and discovery experiences while being both fast and reliable.

  • Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform to ensure a cloud solution of high quality.

  • Terraform

    Terraform delivers infrastructure as code to automate the provisioning of your infrastructure.