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Becksöndergaard is an international women’s fashion brand operating in more than 18 countries worldwide.

Becksöndergaard is a world of fashion and accessories. The brand specifically caters to women who love to have humorous and personal designs in their wardrobe. The company is Danish and was founded in 2003 with a passionate belief that women should always dress with a personal touch. Becksöndergaard has a playful and unpretentious approach to colors and materials while staying true to its Scandinavian roots. Today, the brand is recognized for its colors, contrasts, and unique prints.

Sales through the webshop, retailer webshops, and physical stores.

Recently, Becksöndergaard decided to create an entirely new webshop. E-commerce is indeed an important direct sales channel to end-users, but it's just one of many, as Becksöndergaard also distributes its products through retailer webshops like Zalando and via physical shop-in-shops. The new e-commerce solution is designed in a way that it can support sales through all the sales channels. An important tool here is the maintenance and creation of products, which is a part of the e-commerce solution.

Shopify - A Beloved Solution in the Fashion World

Becksöndergaard chose Shopify as its e-commerce platform because it is designed with e-commerce as its core function. This means that Shopify can power a wide range of websites for regional and international markets, physical stores, and marketplaces. With Shopify, you can engage in traditional e-commerce through your own website, sell directly through marketplaces like Amazon, Wish, and eBay, or sell through social media. Shopify is also ideal for businesses that prefer a scalable and cloud-based infrastructure rather than investing in their own server setup. Shopify is a stable, reliable, and fast web platform, making it a popular choice for many Danish and international fashion companies.

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PIM System with Significant Benefits

Becksöndergaard's new e-commerce solution is built on Shopify and integrates with the ERP system Navision, the Product Information Management (PIM) system Struct, and the recommendation platform Hello Retail.

As part of the e-commerce project, Becksöndergaard chose to implement a PIM system, which represents a new way of working with products. When Becksöndergaard adds new products to their portfolio, the product is first created in Navision, where basic data such as weight, price, and product number are added. Afterward, the product is automatically transferred to the PIM system Struct, where it is categorized and enriched with additional master data and marketing data, including product descriptions, images, and translations.

There are many advantages to using a PIM system. In Becksöndergaard's case, the major benefits include:

  • Easy and fast product retrieval and categorization, especially for campaigns.
  • Quick and efficient bulk product editing.
  • Changes can be applied to all desired channels, including the company's website, partner portals, and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Web editors and product managers can easily identify products with missing information.

This might include products lacking descriptions in foreign languages, missing product images, or products that need to be categorized. In Struct, users can quickly assess and address these issues, ensuring that products are enriched with the necessary data as soon as possible.

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Hello Retail provides intelligent search results and recommendations.

In Becksöndergaard's webshop, there is also integration with the Hello Retail platform, which is used for the search function and product recommendations. When a visitor to the website starts typing in the search field, product images of search results are instantly displayed directly on the page, without redirecting the visitor to a separate search results page. This allows the visitor to quickly and dynamically refine their search. "Hello Retail" also powers the product recommendations on Becksöndergaard.dk, such as the "Most Popular" section.

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"With the new webshop, we have a new and modern appearance. We also have a much more user-friendly shop both on the customer and administration site. Most importantly, the user experience is significantly elevated with associated positive rewards such as higher conversion rates.” 

Eva Trosborg Andersen, E-commerce Coordinator

Impressive results

Customers have responded very positively to the webshop, which launched in May 2019. The number of visitors has increased significantly, as has revenue and the number of orders. Furthermore, Becksöndergaard has taken advantage of the opportunity to make the shopping experience more visual and intuitive, such as creating model images for many of the products upon hover.

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Increase in Webshop Revenue

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Increase in website visitors

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Increase in the number of orders