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Concert Hall of Aarhus

New channel strategy makes the path to bookings shorter

Concert Hall of Aarhus

Every year, over half a million people visit the Concert Hall of Aarhus, making it one of the most visited cultural institutions in Eastern Jutland and the cultural institution that was visited by the most residents of Aarhus last year. But the ambitions don't stop there. The music venue entered into a partnership with Novicell to strengthen its digital marketing and thereby attract even more visitors to the largest music venue in the Nordic region.

The channel strategy drives the efforts

The music venue hosts over 1,200 annual events and has primarily focused on analog marketing. They approached Novicell to create a channel strategy that would, among other things, uncover the cost per conversion on different channels and determine the optimal points in the customer journey to leverage those channels.

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    Which digital channels provide the most value? What is the ROI on existing channels, and what is the potential?

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    Channel mix

    What is the right balance between analog and digital marketing activities? Where is the target audience?

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    How does the customer behave across channels? How does the customer journey unfold?

Shorter path to booking

The primary recommendation, not surprisingly, was to prioritize digital channels more, focusing on all stages of the decision-making process and placing greater emphasis on "do" actions. There should be a greater focus on engaging content, activated through a mix of channels, to reach potential target audiences at different stages of their decision-making process.

Here is a visualization of a possible channel mix:

Thorough campaign tracking - all the way into the ticketing system

The first step in the collaboration was to ensure a solid tracking setup. This involved installing Google Tag Manager, Facebook pixel, optimizing Google Analytics reports, and so on. A common challenge for cultural and event organizations is tracking the effectiveness of different channels because the conversion occurs on an external booking site. However, this challenge can be overcome. By using a script in the ticketing system, the Concert Hall can now track the original source, providing them with a complete overview of the ROI from various marketing channels.

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The competition for people's leisure time is intense. That's why we are thrilled that Novicell and our other marketing partners have helped us double the number of visitors to our website compared to last year. It makes a difference when delivering experiences, especially since 80% of ticket sales are electronic.

Jan Christensen, Managing Director
Musikhuset Aarhus

The Concert Hall is also becoming experts themselves

An important part of the collaboration is continuously upskilling the Concert Hall's own staff. The marketing team has participated in workshops with Novicell's digital experts, enabling the Concert Hall to take on a larger portion of their AdWords, YouTube, and Facebook advertising in the future - and assess the results in Analytics.

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