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Data insights & tracking

Get the reporting in place so you can see what results your campaigns are creating.

Novicell is a data partner with expertise in ecommerce and digital marketing

Novicell has a unique position as a data partner for companies that work with ecommerce and digital marketing, as we are among the leading ecommerce companies. That expertise enables us not only to collect and visualise data, but also to advise on how your business can be optimised and where there is potential for business development and automation.

Explore the different types of tracking

  • Google Analytics

    Business online starts with data and Google Analytics is for many people the core of data for their website or App. Google Analytics is a valuable tool almost no matter what you do in digital marketing and the web.

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  • Google Tag manager

    Google Tag Manager (GTM) is an effective tracking tool for impact measurement. It gives you the opportunity to set up tracking on your most important measurement points - for example subscriptions, shares, video starts and purchases - so you can keep an eye on whether you are reaching the goals for your digital channel.

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  • Server-side tracking

    Server-side tracking is a method of collecting and processing first-party data about the user. Instead of having JavaScript and tags/pixels to run in the browser, which sends data directly to Google, Facebook or the like, user data is sent to a server at your disposal.

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