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GrejFreak increases revenue by +300% in the Swedish market.

GrejFreak & Novicell drive growth in a new market through Google Ads.

GrejFreak sells equipment for outdoor activities, outdoor life, shooting sports, training, military, hunting, police, and security. In June 2022, Novicell and GrejFreak entered into a collaboration. GrejFreak's goal with the collaboration was to increase growth in the Swedish market. The objective was straightforward: to grow the business within the agreed ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) target. In addition to increasing growth, GrejFreak wanted to gain a better understanding of digital channels so that they could build knowledge and gradually begin to adjust their efforts independently in a changing market.

GrejFreak increases revenue by +300% in the Swedish market.
Q1+Q2 vs Q3+Q4:

+ 300 0 %

Growth in revenue

+ 228 0 %

Growth in conversions

+ 13 0 %

Growth in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

April YoY:

+ 341 0 %

Growth in revenue

+ 195 0 %

Growth in transactions

+ 7.2 0 %

Growth in ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)

How GrejFreak grew through Google Ads

When Novicell took over GrejFreak's Google Ads account in June 2022, GrejFreak had a very well-functioning but simple Google Ads account setup. The setup met the most fundamental criteria for a well-functioning Google Ads account, but there was potential to develop the account and further improve performance and revenue growth.

Here's how Novicell works with Google Ads

Google Ads: A crucial factor for success or failure in an e-commerce business.

For an e-commerce business, Google Ads is a significant factor for success or failure. A considerable portion of a webshop's revenue is generated through Google searches and clicks via Google Ads campaigns. In 2022, Google Ads alone accounted for 71% of the digital revenue for GrejFreak (Gearfreak.se) in Sweden. By prioritizing the channel and optimizing the account setup to align with GrejFreak's business goals and ambitions in the Swedish market, Novicell helped capitalize on the potential in the Swedish market, and with insights into the competitive landscape through our partner PriceShape, Novicell helped unlock the potential in the Swedish market.

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Let's get started: How GrejFreak grew with a focus on specific ROAS goals

GrejFreak and Novicell initiated their collaboration in June 2022, with a clear and straightforward objective: to grow the business within our agreed ROAS target. (Info: ROAS stands for return-on-ad-spend and is calculated by dividing the revenue from a channel by the corresponding ad spend). To achieve the goal, we actively worked on new initiatives within the Google toolbox, including Performance Max advertising.

Google Ads and the introduction to Performance Max

June 2022 was an exciting month for Google Ads. It marked the rollout of the new campaign type, Performance Max, on most Google Ads accounts in Denmark. This brand-new campaign type, according to Google itself, was a massive breakthrough that would change the approach to setting up Google Ads accounts.

In June 2022, Sweden was a relatively new market for GrejFreak on Google Ads. Through Google Ads, we experienced a stable flow of conversions, and the account achieved a profitable ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

With a quick GO on strategy and roadmap, our specialists started trimming and developing GrejFreak's Google Ads account in line with our well-documented Google Ads frameworks and best-practice approach to Google Ads. The focus was primarily on adjusting bidding strategies, product filtering, and a thorough review of ads and ad extensions. This approach prioritizes quality traffic over quantity and enables continuous testing to optimize performance continually. Through PriceShape, it was possible to customise product feeds with dynamic labels, allowing GrejFreak to categorise products based on different strategies. This has helped GrejFreak allocate their budgets more strategically and optimise their setup in Google Ads/Shopping.

Working this way allows us to be agile with GrejFreak's account and adapt to the market as needed.

Results of the collaboration

Since the start of our collaboration with GrejFreak, we have experienced significant growth and increased revenue through Google Ads, all while staying within the agreed ROAS targets. This trend continues into 2023, as we continue our successful partnership in managing Google Ads. The next steps in our collaboration involve implementing profitability calculations in our Google Ads work. This is done to ensure that every penny we invest in Google Ads generates a positive return. We have already gained considerable experience with this approach in several of our e-commerce partnerships. By focusing on POAS (profit) rather than just ROAS, we become more adept at creating a profitable business through Google Ads. This is achieved by directing our efforts and budgets where they make the most sense for the business and bottom-line results.

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