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Hotel Vejlefjord

Hotel Vejlefjord gets closer to its B2B and B2C customers with targeted marketing and a website that conveys the hotel's history

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Hotel Vejlefjord

Hotel Vejlefjord has been in existence since 1895. For many, it has been mostly known as a spa hotel and to a lesser extent as a conference center. However, in 2013, Vejlefjord decided to change that: They wanted to get closer to their customers, including hotel and spa guests, but especially those who require conference facilities. This led to a collaboration with Novicell on a series of initiatives aimed at spreading awareness of Hotel Vejlefjord and its facilities.

B2B-focused marketing

To increase awareness of the hotel's B2B products, Novicell recommended focusing on the hotel's online advertising through Google Ads.

The goal was to attract more conference guests by increasing traffic to the website with quality visits to the meeting and conference pages. Quality was measured based on visitor behavior on the website, including average visit duration, bounce rate, and page views. Additionally, a series of conversion goals were set up in close collaboration with Hotel Vejlefjord.

At the same time, an intensive SEO effort was initiated, which included content upgrades, resolving technical SEO challenges, link building, and optimizing the website structure. The aim was to generate more organic traffic to the conference section.

The purpose of driving more relevant traffic was ultimately to convert more visits into guests. Therefore, the pages were reviewed to ensure they were conversion-optimized with well-chosen and clear call-to-actions.

Website with a focus on experiences

The optimization of Hotel Vejlefjord's online marketing evolved into a broader collaboration with Novicell for a redesign of the hotel's website. The goal was to create a website that reflects Hotel Vejlefjord's visual identity and supports the hotel's digital strategy with a focus on B2B results.

The web solution was built on Umbraco and prioritized B2B content, with photos, top menu, and text clearly signaling meeting and conference facilities.

To support Hotel Vejlefjord's identity, Novicell aimed to merge the classic expression with modern web design, just as the hotel combines modern wellness and conference facilities with its historical buildings.

Therefore, images of the hotel and its surroundings play a central role in showcasing the many experiences the hotel offers through sliders and image menus. All of this is presented in a responsive design that prioritizes content differently depending on devices and presents it beautifully on all devices.

Conversions are key

An important part of the new Umbraco solution was the integration of a well-functioning webshop, making it easy to purchase products from the spa stay even after the guest has returned home. Gift vouchers for wellness stays are particularly popular products. uCommerce was chosen as the webshop solution, seamlessly integrated with Umbraco.

The next project is already in the works - a new booking system that will make booking your next stay at Hotel Vejlefjord a breeze.

Please note that the translation is a simple and accurate representation of the original text, without any additional information or interpretation.

Social media

A significant part of the results has been achieved by building relationships with guests on social media. Hotel Vejlefjord started on Facebook in January 2013 and has since surpassed 30,000 followers - with more joining every day. The large fan base has been created through a combination of posts that invite guests behind the hotel's façade, competitions, storytelling, attractive offers, and Facebook advertising. At the same time, Hotel Vejlefjord excels at using its social media platforms to engage guests who share their experiences on platforms like Instagram using the hashtag #hotelvejlefjord. This generates a group of ambassadors who showcase authentic and immersive experiences at the hotel.

I use Novicell both as a sparring partner and supplier. The online channel is an increasingly important part of our business, and we are more than satisfied with the results created through a combined effort of development and online marketing.

Marianne Hofmann, Online Marketing Manager
Hotel Vejlefjord


In addition to Hotel Vejlefjord gaining 30,000 more followers on Facebook and a website that strengthens the hotel's identity, the project has led to the following results.

+ 24 0 %

More visits to the website

+ 7 0 %

Increase in conversion rate

+ 20 0 %

Growth in revenue

Measured in the period from 2014 to 2015

The collaboration consisted of

The collaboration with Novicell includes targeted online marketing, a new responsive website with an online shop, and engagement of guests on social media.

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    Targeted online marketing

    Content optimization and advertising of B2B facilities with a focus on conversion optimization.

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    Modern digital design.

    Modern website designed to express the hotel's history and prioritize guest experiences.

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    Umbraco platform

    New, responsive website developed in Umbraco CMS with a focus on supporting the B2B strategy.

Hotel Vejlefjord makes decisions based on a foundation of data

Hotel Vejlefjord makes decisions based on a foundation of data. The hotel has transitioned from manual and time-consuming reporting to a single digital and automated performance overview. Hotel Vejlefjord desired to measure the impact of all their sales and marketing efforts against budget, bookings, and revenue to navigate on a daily basis instead of once a month and in hindsight. Novicell provided an integrated solution, allowing the hotel to proactively navigate and ensure fewer empty beds in the future. Hotel Vejlefjord compares their status with the budget using key metrics and, based on that, adjusts marketing campaigns to ensure full occupancy across various room types, wellness, conferences, events, and meetings. Novicell Insights is a Power BI-based tool that gathers insights and performance data from hotelvejlefjord.dk as well as all digital marketing channels. Additionally, the solution is integrated with the Spectra booking system.

Read more about Microsoft Power BI here

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