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Since 2021, Novicell has been helping ID® Identity grow their brand awareness, traffic, and revenue through digital marketing, media buying, and advertising on Google, Meta, and LinkedIn

ID® Identity has been creating quality clothing for businesses and major events since 1983. ID® Identity designs Corporate Wear that is developed to withstand trends and strengthen identity and community through their four brands: ID® Identity GEYSER by ID® PRO Wear by ID® Seven Seas by ID® ID® Identity has a professional network of distributors and aims to enhance its branding efforts towards end customers in close collaboration with the distributors to increase awareness, interest, and rapport.

Creative process combined with performance marketing

Since 2021, Novicell has been collaborating with ID® Identity on their digital presence. Through a creative process, Novicell and ID® Identity have focused on deriving the shared essence of previous brand efforts, all with the end customer in mind.

The goal is to bridge the gap between the traditional B2B perspective and the end customer by connecting the brand's core messages to specific products and everyday contexts.

The objectives for ID® Identity's increased digital presence are:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Driving social media interactions
  • Boosting traffic to the id.dk website
  • Increasing order volumes
  • Growing revenue for both B2B and B2C target audiences

Novicell utilizes a mix of channels to support ID® Identity's overall user journey and digital growth - from branding and interest generation to conversions and profitability, both for the B2C and B2B aspects of the business.

Furthermore, to elevate brand awareness, various campaigns have been run through different media. This includes executing High Impact Banners through IP purchases for the B2B segment and prominent selected Danish media sites.

The task included:

  • Meta Ads

    Focus on strengthening brand awareness and engagement through conceptualized brand campaigns as well as collecting leads and sign-ups for the newsletter.

  • Google Ads

    Focus on supporting sales from the webshop through performance max, shopping, and search campaigns.

  • LinkedIn Ads

    Focus on growing the customer portfolio in B2B through continuous collection of high-quality leads obtained through white paper downloads.

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    Display & Media purchasing

    Focus on two segments in relevant tracks for retargeting and IP targeting.

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    Focus on creative material where the interactive nature of the format, along with video content, was incorporated, presenting the brand in an inspiring, visually captivating creative.

Results for 2022 vs. 2021

The goals for ID® Identity are to increase brand awareness, interactions on social media, traffic to id.dk, order quantity, and revenue for both B2B and B2C target groups.

Social media interactions

+ 125 0 %

Facebook likes

+ 52 0 %

Instagram followers

+ 20 0 %

LinkedIn followers

+ 165 0 %

Newsletter sign-ups

Traffic to the website and e-commerce

+ 8 0 %

Website traffic

+ 19 0 %


+ 4 0 %


Novicell is a competent collaborator in the work of branding and positioning ID® Identity. We are pleased with the collaboration and the results it brings. They are very committed, accommodating, and continuously provide input on how we can optimize our efforts and results.

Annette Frimand Rasmussen, Marketing Manager
ID® Identity

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