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Facebook Advertising

Interacting with your target audience on the world's largest social media

Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is the largest and most widespread social network in the world and a unique channel for attracting existing and new audiences. With Facebook's unique targeting and segmentation options, it is a channel you should implement in your online marketing mix both as a B2B and B2C company.

Premium Meta Marketing Partner

Novicell has been appointed a Premium Meta Marketing Partner Agency. This means that we are among the small handful of agencies in Denmark that are recognised as Meta's largest and most capable partners – to the great benefit of our clients. In order to be appointed as a Meta Premium Partner, you have to meet a number of stringent requirements, and we have been selected, among other things, on the basis of the total advertising budget that Novicell's Performance team manages across our customers' advertising accounts. In addition, we have been able to document that we create meaningful and qualified results with our customers' advertising budgets.

Being a Meta Premium Partner brings several benefits to our customers

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    New features and products

    We are the first to be notified of new features and products, i.e. our specialists are always up-to-date with the latest knowledge.

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    1:1 sparring

    Our specialists get 1:1 sparring and training with Meta.

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    Our support cases are prioritised and handled quickly.

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    Events and workshops

    Our specialists are invited to events and creative workshops at Meta.

Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate

At Novicell, our specialists are Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associates. This means that we possess the most important fundamental skills in Facebook's tools, policies and best practices related to buying ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

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