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My Home

PIM solution provides significantly improved customer experience and large internal efficiency gains

Acquisition created a focus on online sales

My Home is a nationwide Danish furniture chain with a strong omnichannel setup: physical stores and a rapidly developing webshop. The concept is to offer Danes furniture at an attractive price. In 2018, My Home was acquired by the Swedish e-commerce company, Bygghemma. This significantly boosted My Home's online ambitions, as they now had the opportunity to expand their product range through suppliers from other companies within the Bygghemma group. However, My Home quickly realized that their online ambitions could only be realized if their customer-facing platforms received a boost.

The collaboration consisted of

  • PIM solution

    The increased product quantity needed to be uploaded and structured in a PIM system. The previous process of creating, managing, and distributing product data in Navision was inefficient and limited when it came to adding larger amounts of new products.

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    Improved search function

    The search function on the webshop needed significant improvement, allowing customers to seamlessly find relevant products online.

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The PIM system became the solution to My Home's challenges

My Home chose Perfion as the PIM system. Perfion is characterized by its flexible setup and offers the user highly efficient data maintenance, especially for mass updates. Product data is enriched at the top level, and then data is automatically inherited on selected parameters for all underlying products in the category. This way, product data can be created and maintained efficiently for large quantities of products. Perfion was implemented between My Home's ERP system and website solution, which initially required minimal changes to the website. The focus was on getting the integration up and running with the existing products on the website while improving the data for those existing products.

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The next phase for My Home was to expand the product range with dropship products from other companies within the Bygghemma group. Perfion serves as an efficient PIM system for this purpose, as My Home can import data received in Excel from dropship suppliers into the PIM system, which is then automatically transferred to the ERP system, Navision. The PIM system also enables My Home to continuously update price data from dropship suppliers and easily enable or disable suppliers based on the desired quality. With the integration of dropship suppliers, My Home was able to seamlessly expand their product range. My Home has gone from having 1500 own products to also having 5000 dropship products. Dropship products now account for approximately 30% of the revenue, demonstrating significant growth potential. My Home can now easily test the demand for products in specific colors, styles, and price points on the webshop without having to purchase large quantities of products or make substantial investments in products that do not sell satisfactorily.

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products from dropship suppliers have been seamlessly added to the product range

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The B2C revenue in the webshop has quadrupled

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of the revenue comes from dropship suppliers

Our PIM solution has actually given us an entirely new business. We have 100% control over whether all products are enriched with all the product data we desire. Otherwise, we get it done very quickly. And that means our staff in the stores can now answer customers' questions correctly, and it is easy to shop online at My Home.

Rune Kloster, Head of E-Commerce
My Home

The process surrounding product data helps customers on the website

With the PIM system, the process of handling product data became more efficient, and data is inputted into dedicated fields, which are used on the website for filtering that was not possible before due to data quality. Before a product appears on the website, the data is quality assured in Perfion. This is done through predefined quality parameters that must be met before the product is released. These parameters can include image, weight, and description, among others. So even though there are now many more products on My Home's website, it is easier for customers to find what they are looking for. This helps both the store staff, who can look up the product on the website and find relevant product data, and reduces the number of inquiries to customer service, as customers can find the information they need themselves.

Continuing to work closely on new ideas and improvements

Novicell is a collaborative partner with My Home on a range of digital initiatives. One of these initiatives includes setting up Perfion dashboards for reporting, which My Home utilizes on a daily basis. The dashboards provide a quick overview of the defined key performance indicators (KPIs), with particular emphasis on the "margin alert." This alert allows them to identify if any products on the website are generating a negative margin. Consequently, My Home can promptly address any calculation errors and temporarily remove the affected products from the website until the issue is resolved.

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