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Organic Denmark

A brand new website that will make Denmark more organic

Clean groundwater and pigs with curly tails. These and many other organic topics can be explored on the new website of Organic Denmark. The ambition of the site is nothing less than to make our food system and consumption more sustainable.

In 2018, Organic Denmark made the decision to transform from being an agricultural industry organization to becoming a broad interest organization working towards sustainable transformation by paving the way for more and better organic practices. This marked the beginning of a strategic journey - shifting the focus from primarily addressing and advocating for the interests of organic farmers to becoming a comprehensive NGO for Danes interested in organic matters. This led to a significant shift in branding and communication. On the new website, one can now find information on various aspects of organic agricultural production, green recipes, a directory of organic farm shops, and even a guide on getting started with fermentation. And yes, it's also where you can find out when the cows go out to pasture!

The solution consists of

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    A platform that is user-friendly, scalable and future-proof. Umbraco is one such CMS platform.

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    Three main editors

    Easily maintain organic content on the website.

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    The solution is built on headless technology with all the advantages it brings.

Three sites in the same solution

The project with Novicell was initiated to renew and consolidate the number of websites, which previously consisted of many more sites and were even hosted on different CMS platforms. So, the number of websites had to be reduced to three and consolidated on the same technology, and Umbraco was chosen for this purpose. The solution is built with økologi.dk as the main site, and ilove.øko and økodag.dk as independent sites but with more specific target audiences.

The superior editor experience

The good backend and the superior editor experience in the backend are the foundation for creating good and well-designed content. In addition to Umbraco being known for delivering a good editor experience out of the box, the project also included development, integrations, and work with backend roles:

  • Grid editors were developed, which means that the editor always creates and adjusts content consistently in grid editors, which open on the right side of the screen. Here, editors also encounter intuitive choices and suggestions for formatting.
  • Fixed forms were developed, which editors use for pages where new members join the Organic Association or sign up for various events.
  • An integration with SendGrid was developed, making it easy for editors to send emails to the right recipients.
  • Well-defined editor and writer roles make it easy for everyone working in the backend to know their role and ownership of content.


The three organic websites are built on a headless solution, where content is delivered via an API to the frontend. There are several reasons why the Organic Denmark chose this approach: With headless, the amount of traffic during peak periods can be easily supported. Since the Organic Denmark experiences peak days with high traffic (such as when the cows are let out to pasture), the headless technology helps support that. Additionally, the three sites are easier to scale because the frontend, also known as the presentation layer, can be updated or replaced without affecting the backoffice part. Does that sound interesting?

Read more about Headless

We have been on a strategic journey and transitioned from primarily being a trade organization for organic farmers to today being a broad NGO for all Danes with an interest in ecology. And our new website fully supports our new position with clear messages about what Organic Denmark is and what we work for. We are very pleased with the result of økologi.dk and believe that it captures the essence of our brand promise.

Line Hedeboe, Head of Communications
Organic Denmark


Økologi.dk, iloveøko.dk, and økodag.dk are built on Umbraco. Umbraco is incredibly suitable for solutions that involve multiple sites within the same framework, making it a well-chosen option for the Organic Denmark. Umbraco is also known as "the friendly CMS" due to its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to create and edit content, as well as use images and videos.

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