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Commerce solution for consumers, agents, and retailers.


When Pilgrim needed to scale their business and optimize the existing webshop, the Danish jewelry brand chose to build an entirely new website. For the task, Pilgrim selected Novicell as their partner for design, frontend, backend, hosting, and online marketing. The starting point for the collaboration was Pilgrim's business, and scalability was one of the key factors from the beginning. With 6 languages, national campaigns, different currencies, consumer terms, and much more, the solution landed on a Shopify platform with integrations that are well-suited for a commerce site like Pilgrim's.

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    A well-functioning webshop is the centerpiece of the new solution, providing opportunities for both campaigns and discount codes.

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    Strong SEO and campaign efforts

    A strong SEO and online marketing campaign have ensured significant traffic and increased sales for the new webshop.

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  • Shopify

    Shopify was the obvious platform choice for Pilgrim's commerce solution with international presence, integration with AX, and handling large amounts of data.

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Benefits of the solution

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Scalable platform in multiple languages

Previously, Pilgrim only had a Danish webshop, but with an increasing number of international customers, it made sense to prepare the site for the entire European market. Instead of having only the domain pilgrim.dk with English content, each country now has its own site under pilgrim.net: de.pilgrim.net, gb.pilgrim.net, se.pilgrim.net, and so on. Additionally, the domain pilgrim.dk still exists with Danish content.

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Increased traffic

The six language-specific pages have the advantage of positively impacting SEO and improving the website's performance in Google search results. This is due to the "hreflang" tag, which ensures value transfer between the different pages. Additionally, the tag informs Google that the content exists on multiple pages, thereby avoiding SEO issues with duplicate content. As a result, organic traffic to pilgrim.dk has increased by 33% compared to the same period the previous year.

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Stunning design

The new solution also called for a fresh design. Our design department listened to Pilgrim's desires and created a clear, simple, and visually appealing universe that aligns with the jewelry brand's identity

Integration with the latest version of AX

Dynamic AX is an ERP system that communicates with the point-of-sale systems in physical stores. Therefore, the integration with AX allows Pilgrim to continuously modify their product range and keep the webshop updated. The system runs nightly and ensures that products and discounts are up to date. The latest version of AX operates with a channel database, and it is through this database that the ERP system and the website are integrated. The database includes products, prices, and discounts.

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The collaboration with Novicell has been efficient and result-oriented right from the start. With their business understanding and agile approach to the project, Novicell has significantly elevated our digital presence. Our revenue has more than doubled, and the integration with our ERP has uplifted our entire business. We are greatly looking forward to future collaboration.

Hjalde Markvad
IT Project Manager, Pilgrim

Collections, campaigns, and discounts

Just like the rest of the fashion industry, Pilgrim regularly updates its collections on the shop. This entails a continuous turnover in the product range, which places demands on the structure of the webshop. Furthermore, Pilgrim runs various campaigns throughout the year. These can include changing quantity discounts or special promotions related to occasions such as Mother's Day or others. Therefore, the shop is designed to calculate discounts based on the products in the customer's cart.

Pilgrim expands with a B2B webshop in 2021

In the spring of 2021, Pilgrim's e-commerce solution gained an additional feature, namely a B2B webshop targeting Pilgrim agents and retailers. Pilgrim's B2B webshop is accessible behind a login. Each individual retailer or agent can log in, view their specific prices for the products, place orders, reorder products, view past orders, check delivery times, and more. The user-specific prices and delivery information are stored as master data in AX, which is then displayed as real-time data on the webshop. The solution is currently being rolled out to retailers and agents in Pilgrim's export markets. Eventually, approximately 650 retailers and agents will be connected to the solution. Even at this stage, the B2B webshop receives great praise for its intuitive design. The ambition has been to create a purchasing flow that is as easy as in the B2C shop, differentiating itself from the often more complex buying and ordering flows that characterize many B2B solutions.

With our B2B Shopify webshop, we are experiencing a range of new advantages that contribute to increased revenue. Our retailers have independent access to our products, and especially when it comes to re-orders, it is significantly beneficial that they can place orders on their own. There is no doubt that we are heading towards a much more digital future, and as a result, our digital initiatives are increasing to ensure that we have the best conditions to meet our customers' needs.

Mari-Louise Nissen
B2B Manager, Pilgrim


One of the features in Pilgrim's B2B solution is the so-called Impersonation functionality. Impersonation essentially means "imitating another person," and in this case, agents can log into the system as each of the dealers they represent as customers. This provides the agent with great opportunities to provide excellent customer service to each individual jewelry store, as the agent, for example, can view the jewelry store's prices and discount schemes.

Just like the B2C webshop, Pilgrim's B2B webshop is also a Shopify solution. It is quite unique that Pilgrim has now launched a B2B Shopify solution with integration to AX, considering that Shopify is primarily used globally for B2C solutions.

Improved Performance

Since Pilgrim went live with the new platform, the performance has significantly improved. We have witnessed a remarkable boost in performance when comparing the period of November-December 2017 (including Black Friday and the holiday season) with the same period from the previous year.

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Decrease in Pageload

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Sessions in Peak Hour (+144%)

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Increase in Revenue

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