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The Metro Company

The Metro Company offers a 24/7 rapid transit system to citizens in Copenhagen. In September 2019, the company opened their third line, Cityringen, and has since opened a fourth line (M4) that connects Nordhavn to Sydhavn.

Award-winning web design

Together with the Metro Company, we created their new site, m.dk. The new site is built on an Umbraco platform and is recognised for its beautiful design which plays into well-known elements found in metro stations and on printed material. In 2020, the Metro Company won an award for the Best Designed Site at Umbraco Awards. We’d like to congratulate them for this achievement!

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The solution included

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Our design team ensured a clear alignment between digital design and the traditional metro environment encountered by travellers for seamless integration between online and offline channels.

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A thorough analysis of the user journey on m.dk has helped to identify and solve multiple problems related to user experience.

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Our content specialists conducted a thorough content review to establish what content needs updating, deleting, or creating.

User behaviour analysis

We conducted a comprehensive pre-study of user behaviour on their existing website to understand how to enhance the new site’s user experience. This was done through a range of interviews and questionnaires. Using this information, we restructured, simplified, and created content that would deliver tangible results for their business.

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Designed with scalability in mind

The Metro Company needed a solution that was scalable enough to support their communication at different stages of the Cityringen and M4 opening.

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    Keep citizens informed

    Towards the completion of the lines, the metro company required their website to keep neighbours and citizens informed about construction plans, progress and noise nuisance.

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    Increase in volume

    The metro company needed to plan for double the amount of metro travellers which would inevitably put pressure on customer information and increase the volume of traffic to their website.

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    Opening of Cityringen

    After the opening of Cityringen, the Metro Company website needed to provide customers with enough information to familiarise themselves with the new metro lines. They also needed to be redirected to the correct website for ticket sales and traffic information where necessary. Their new digital platform would need to support a whole host of overall efforts.

"People travel by subway because it is fast, easy and reliable. This is the experience we would like to give to our users digitally. It should be easy for customers to find the information they need – even if the subway network has grown. We have created a connection between the visual elements that users encounter at the stations and in the trains, and those they meet digitally. It’s a great visual solution that creates simplicity and unity in the overall user experience."

Lise Hein, Communications and Marketing Manager
The Metro Company