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Insight and analysis

Insight into your business and your customers creates solutions that provide value.

Create user-friendly digital solutions

Our creative concepts and user-friendly digital solutions are not built on guesswork or divine inspiration. We have a systematic and inclusive approach to experience design. Insights and pre-analysis form the foundation for good, user-friendly, and relevant design.

This is how we create user-friendly digital solutions with a systematic approach to experience design

We create user-friendly digital solutions by taking a systematic approach to experience design. We place the user at the center and achieve continuous improvement through an iterative design process and user feedback.

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    Strategic workshop

    Together, we create a common starting point and formulate a vision for the project.

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    Creating insights

    Through various methods, we gain insights into the organization, employees, and customers.

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    UX Review

    We uncover challenges and hidden gems in your existing solution.

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    Usability Testing

    We use user testing to create user-friendly digital solutions.

Strategic Workshop

We begin by gathering with your project team around a table filled with creative ideas and business objectives. We establish a common starting point for the project as we delve into your ambitions and desires. During a strategic workshop, through a mix of exercises and dialogue, we formulate a vision for the project. Lastly, we collaboratively establish KPIs and success criteria, enabling us to celebrate our triumphs and measure the project's impact.


We embark on a treasure hunt for knowledge about your organization, employees, and customers. We delve into your data through website statistics, customer satisfaction analyses, brand analyses, and other surveys - what we call desk research. But we don't stop there! We combine desk research with empirical studies: qualitative interviews, usability testing, and focus groups with stakeholders, customers, and users. We gather these insights in a presentation that forms the foundation for our creative concept development and design journey.

UX Review

In a UX review, we put on our expert glasses and dive into your solution with detective-like finesse. With the knowledge of our UX specialists regarding design principles, web conventions, and best practices, we sniff out challenges and hidden gems in your existing solution. A UX review is an easy and cost-effective shortcut to accelerate improvements to your web solution. Once the mystery is solved, you'll have a report that highlights both quick wins and significant development opportunities for your solution.

Usability Testing

We gladly and frequently involve users in the development of user-friendly digital solutions. By conducting usability tests multiple times throughout the design process, we gather valuable feedback on how users navigate and interact with your solution. The results are used to fine-tune and optimize usability, ensuring that your business and brand elegantly dance together on the digital stage.