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Inbound Marketing

Attract and convert leads for your business

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the most effective marketing strategy for attracting, converting and retaining customers for your business. With the right tools, with Inbound Marketing you will be able to deliver the right content, to the right people, at the best time in their user journey. All based on world-class content, your digital marketing platforms and data. At Novicell, we help you to lay out the strategy for your Inbound Marketing measures with a focus on the activities that contribute to creating leads and conversion throughout the customer journey. We are also ready with a helping hand to execute the strategy, through content marketing, marketing automation or email marketing.

We are specialists in:

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    Marketing automation

    With marketing automation, you can communicate personally and relevantly with your customers and leads - on a large scale.

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    Email marketing

    The best channel for targeted content. Create trust, growth and results - directly via the inbox.

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    Data management

    Get help connecting, storing and organising data so you can use it properly.

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    User journey and personas

    A fundamental approach in inbound marketing is therefore to clarify the target group and give it flesh and blood in a series of personas.

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    Product and content recommendations

    Increase the conversion rate with personalised product recommendations.

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    Copywriting (B2B, B2C, B2G)

    Many people find that it is difficult to achieve the full benefit of content marketing. Here we can also help you on your way.

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Attract the right leads with Inbound

There is a lot of competition, both offline and online, for users' attention. Therefore, it is no longer enough to buy you attention among your target audience through paid media. As a marketer, you must therefore earn their time and attention. But how? With Inbound tactics, you can create engaging content that meets the user's needs and answers their questions. Through the analysis of personas and the user journey, you can map the digital touchpoints and channels you need to use to convert just the leads that are most valuable for your business.

We can help you – no matter where you are on your inbound journey

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    Inbound Strategy

    Have you not started with Inbound Strategy yet, or are your efforts not having the desired effect? Then our senior advisors will be happy to help you achieve your goal. We provide sparring regarding your system choice, data structure, mapping of user journeys and much more.

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    Inbound sparring

    Do you already have resources in your in-house marketing department, but do you lack inspiration or sparring on how to be successful with Inbound Marketing? Let us help you delve into your industry, business and competitors and together uncover opportunities for how you can apply or lift your Inbound Marketing measures to new heights. We act as an external sparring partner and enhance your internal skills.

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    Fixed monthly collaboration

    Do you lack resources in the marketing department or do you just need an extra hand for a period of time? Then we can help execute your Inbound Strategy for a shorter or longer period - and on several levels. We share ideas, concepts and setups with you, and together we will bring your strategy and plans to life. We are also happy to help with copywriting, setting up marketing automation flows, sending email campaigns and much more.

Selected companies we have helped with digital marketing

Gain the edge with timed and curated content

Unlike paid ads, with Inbound Marketing you have to time the delivery of the content to your potential leads and customers yourself. They are not always equally receptive to your messages or ready to act when they come across your business for the first time. With email marketing and marketing automation, we help you lay out a solid nurturing strategy that warms up your leads and prospects and helps them progress further along the user journey. At the same time, we disqualify irrelevant leads, so you save time and use your efforts where it can be felt.

Use data as leverage for your efforts

One of the cornerstones of Inbound Marketing is data, and we help you activate your data in a meaningful way – both for the user and your business. With good data on your customers and leads, you can ensure relevance and give customers real value. At Novicell, we help you collect and enrich master data on your contacts through system integration, intelligent flows and creative campaigns. Whether data is managed in a CDP, CRM or email marketing platform, we optimise your data structure to ensure precision and the greatest possible value of your Inbound Marketing strategy.

We are with you all the way

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    The right strategy

    To attract qualified prospects and convert them into paying customers, you need to lay the foundation with a robust end-to-end inbound strategy.

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    Attract the right leads

    Attract relevant visitors to your website by using content marketing, SEO and social media marketing to increase awareness of your brand and generate targeted traffic.

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    Convert your leads

    When you attract the right visitors to your website, convert them into leads and prospects by using the right call-to-actions and personalised and relevant content.

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    Retain and create loyal customers by sending valuable, automated and personalised email content at the right time.