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STIBO Systems

Stibo Systems is a global leader with the STEP platform within multi-domain master data management

STIBO Systems

As the complexity of the digital business model increases, Stibo STEP can be the right platform to efficiently handle the company's data for use in customer-oriented channels. Stibo STEP (Systems Enterprise Platform) is, as the name suggests, an enterprise solution for handling and connecting data across data domains

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Stibo Systems is recognised by both Gartner and Forrester as one of the world's leading companies in MDM solutions (Master Data Management). The STEP platform is a multi-domain MDM platform, one complete master data system, which helps manage, organise and enrich all data in the company – from product data to data relating to customers and suppliers. With the STEP platform, you avoid that information, data, images etc. located in many different systems. All data from e.g. ERP, CRM and Commerce are gathered, updated and enriched in one platform and are supported in all channels across countries and languages. Novicell is a certified Stibo Systems Partner and can help you assess needs and solution options with the Stibo STEP platform.