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International SEO

International SEO is when a company’s strategy shifts its focus from only one specific country to other or additional countries.

International SEO at Novicell

Targeting your website towards a new market is very similar to having to expand the entire company into a new market. It is therefore absolutely essential that you do not expand your website and business into a new country, language and market without having thought through why and how to do it. In short, you need an international SEO strategy. Novicell has designed an international SEO product that helps you build and implement an international SEO strategy. We have already tested and documented the product around the world, so we can guarantee that we can deliver the desired results.

Competences that ensure your international SEO success

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    SEO experts with more than 18 years of experience

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    Years of experience translating into more than 175+ languages

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    Helping 50+ companies

    We help more than 50+ companies every month to grow their business through SEO

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    Industry-specific translators

    Thousands of translators within your specific industry

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    Deep understanding

    Deep understanding of SEO, ongoing training and development

We combine the strengths of SEO with translation

Novicell has collaboration agreements with the largest translation companies in the world such as LanguageWire & TranslatePlus, and together we have created an international SEO product. Our international SEO product takes the best of both worlds and combines the strengths of SEO with translation.

Novicell has developed and implemented an effective international SEO strategy that has helped us increase our website traffic and optimise our ROI. Novicell has also implemented paid campaigns on multiple channels and provided us with the right analysis and advice to drive the most possible conversions.

I am very satisfied with the quality of their online marketing services and their cooperative approach. I am grateful for their expertise and commitment.

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Sayaka Soma, Digital Marketing Manager

Selected companies we have helped with digital marketing

Novicell’s international SEO process

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Create a deeper understanding of your company and business model, strategy, resources, budgets, goals and much more, which is useful information for Novicell when we have to design a strategy and a road map for and or in collaboration with you.

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The general situation

Where your current traffic comes from and how many keywords you rank for in these countries. The state of the competition is in the given countries. The demand in these countries for your products/services.

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Technical evaluation

This is being investigated from an SEO technical perspective. Furthermore, we ensure that all necessary tracking programs such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google My Business and Google Tag Manager are set up. These programs are essential to understand user behaviour in the subsequent analysis.

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Market research

Novicell investigates the markets you wish to expand into. First, we examine the cultural differences in the market to understand whether any significant changes need to be made to your current design. Next, the search behaviour of your customers is examined. That is, which search engines are most popular in the given country and which keywords your audience searches for the most.

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Once the right keywords have been found, our international SEO experts examine whether you have content that supports the keywords that customers are searching for.

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Reporting and data analysis

Novicell always offers a dashboard to ensure that it is easy for you to understand the results achieved and shows you a trend over the most important KPIs.

International SEO - the benefits for you

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    Customer base

    Acquire a larger customer base

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    Generate more traffic, leads and sales

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    Increase awareness of your product or service

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    Competitive advantage

    Gain a competitive advantage

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    Complete solution

    A partner and a complete solution

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    Control over costs and development