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Novicell Is Approved Facebook Marketing Partner Agency

Published August 20, 2020 By Molly Flaherty

Novicell Is Approved Facebook Marketing Partner Agency

For several years we have had a close relationship with Facebook and continuously developed our customers' results via Facebook and Instagram in close collaboration with the team at Facebook. Therefore, we are proud to have been selected and approved Facebook Marketing Partner Agency by Facebook.

Facebook selectively selects the best Danish agencies for their partner network. Based on, among other things:

  • We use Facebook's best practices.
  • We grow our customers' business through advertising.
  • We have a good influx of customers who choose to collaborate with us on Facebook advertising.

How can we help grow your business?

  • Our Facebook specialists are always up to date with the latest knowledge.
  • We Facebook specialists get 1:1 training with Facebook.
  • Our support cases are prioritized and handled quickly. 

Let’s talk

We are ready to help you grow your business on Facebook. Our Director of Digital Performance, Klim Lugovtsov, is ready to help you plan your next steps. Contact us if you would like to talk about your digital future.

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