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Novicell's guide to optimising your law firm's CRM

For many firms, summer is a slower time of year, which makes this the best season to get your customer relationship management (CRM) tidied up and ready to work for you. If you’re facing an overcrowded system with outdated information, or if the system simply isn’t working for your growing firm’s needs anymore, we have solutions.

Published June 11, 2024


Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential part of every law firm. Every law office should have some form of CRM in place for marketing, future business and organisational purposes. Oftentimes, if a firm has used one platform for many months or years and has experienced turnover of employees managing the platform, the CRM can become crowded and messy. The value that a CRM provides for a law firm is priceless for exploring future opportunities and ensuring your clients feel taken care of.

Declutter Your Client Data

Imagine a disorganised filing cabinet – that's what an unkempt CRM can resemble. A CRM audit is helpful to remove outdated information, duplicate entries, and irrelevant data, ensuring your team has easy access to the most up-to-date client details for a seamless client service experience.

Standardise Data Entry

Inconsistent data entry across users creates chaos. Establishing clear guidelines for how information should be entered, including formatting for names, addresses, and case details, is paramount. This consistency makes searching, filtering, and reporting a breeze for everyone internally.

Optimise Your Workflows

Think of your CRM workflows as automated assistants. An audit will allow you to review them to ensure they're aligned with your current processes. Updates can be made to reflect any changes in how your firm handles tasks or interacts with clients, streamlining workflows for maximum efficiency.

Unlock the Power of Reporting

Your CRM holds a wealth of valuable data waiting to be explored. Auditing this behaviour with an agency means delving into the reporting tools available to uncover insights into client behaviour, marketing campaign performance, and overall firm health. These insights are crucial for identifying areas for improvement and tracking progress towards your goals.

Unleash Hidden Features

Many CRMs offer a treasure trove of functionalities beyond basic contact management. In an audit, your agency will explore features you might not be using to their full potential. You might discover hidden gems that streamline processes, improve communication, or enhance client satisfaction.

Gather User Feedback

Your team is a valuable source of information. An agency audit will facilitate feedback sessions to gather insights on the platform's strengths and weaknesses. This feedback helps identify areas for improvement and ensure everyone is getting the most out of the system. If you are paying for an existing platform that your team does not enjoy, or is not meeting their needs, it may be time for a digital upgrade to maximise your ROI.

Embrace Continuous Improvement

The tech world is constantly evolving, and your CRM should too. A CRM is not a one and done application. By working with an agency to implement a new CRM or a reorganisation, you will receive the latest insights and updates available/ Staying current ensures you maximize your CRM investment.

Ensure Data Security

Client data security is paramount. Your CRM's security protocols need to be reviewed often to ensure client data is safe and there have been no breeches. One of the best practises we recommend at Novicell is a composable architecture, meaning the frontend is separated from the backend. This means you can manage your CRM separately from your website, and client data is not stored where frontend data lives.

Integrate with Existing Systems

A well-integrated CRM can revolutionise your firm's operations. An agency will assess potential integrations with your existing systems, such as accounting software, document management systems, and marketing automation tools. Seamless integration ensures data flows smoothly between platforms for a unified experience. A composable architecture is a beneficial model in this instance – your existing legacy systems can be integrated with all features, so your employees do not need to learn any fancy new tech to get the job done. These existing systems live as microservices.

Align CRM with Marketing Strategy

A CRM is a powerful marketing tool. Organising your CRM will help you align it with your overall marketing strategy. This could involve automating lead nurturing campaigns, segmenting client lists for targeted communication, and tracking the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing efforts. It is an easy way to give your firm a leg up without committing too much valuable time to marketing.


Working with an agency like Novicell will allow you to audit your existing systems and will offer you ways to improve. As a full-service digital consultancy, we can audit and execute on development plans and digital transformations. Reach out to us today if your website and CRM could use a refresh.

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Dennis Twumasi
Business Development Director
Dennis Twumasi