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The Day of Business Online 2023

Published May 2, 2023 By Klim Lugovtsov

Many months of hard work culminated at our Business Online Conference 2023. We had invited 300 marketeers, digital professionals, and business owners ready to dive into the latest digital trends.

Ready, set, go!

Let’s take it from scratch. In the early morning on the 20th of April, when the birds were still singing and the sidewalks yet empty of people, the Novicell team had gathered outside CodeNode in central London. This was the venue of the day and would soon transform into a cave of like-minded digital professionals.

With down-to-detail planning and already delegated work tasks, every single Novicell employee knew their time and place for the final preparations. So, when the attendees started showing up at 9:00 AM, the conference was more than ready to be kicked off.

At the entrance, the welcome committee made sure to equip the attendees with a Novicell-coloured name tag around their necks and a SWAG bag with goods on their shoulders. With this, the attendees were ready to take on the day, and the venue started buzzing with life.

A lay out of the day

The day's schedule was mapped out in a purple and pink program showing each speaker's timeslot, stage, and a brief introduction of their background.

Louise Troen from Reveri opened with her speech on the power of the brand in a consumer-oriented business. After her, speaker after speaker continued to enrich the attendees with valuable insights into the digital future. Various areas within online marketing and digital business were covered, such as how to use loyalty to drive growth, why AI will be the future of the PIM industry and much more. 

The attendees moved around between three stages at the vibrant venue of CodeNode. With room names such as Crtl, Capslock, and Shift, the scene was set for a day of diving into digital.

At the heart of CodeNode you would find the Esc area. Here, a selection of Novicell’s technology partners had set up a booth where the attendees could stop for a chat during breaks. At Novicell’s booth, you could get your adrenaline going by spinning the wheel and win prizes such as a free consultation, champagne, and tickets for next year’s conference.

Mark Adams entertaining the audience with his speech.

From the main stage, the last speaker of the day, Mark Adams, blew the audience away as the energy bomb he was. He spoke about the principles of being lucky and gave examples of how to massively increase the potential opportunities of your brand’s decision.

After Mark Adam's high-energy performance, the attendees headed downstairs to the bar area for a well-earned drink and tasty canapés. People chattered about the day’s topics while networking and eating crackers with flavourful toppings, dulce de leche-filled chocolate and anything else the heart could desire.

All in all, it was a day full of learning, and we hope everyone left feeling recharged with fresh motivation, ready to experiment with their new knowledge.

See you next year?

It doesn't stop here! The digital world will continue to evolve rapidly, and staying ahead of the game is vital. Therefore, we are hosting our 3rd Business Online Conference in London again next year. It’ll be on the 25th of April - save the date to avoid missing out!