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Gigabyte Software Development


GIGABYTE is one of the world's leading computer hardware manufacturers. Novicell provided them with a tailored DynamicWeb solution.


GIGABYTE offers everything from personal computer hardware to enterprise server solutions, known for quality and innovation. GIGABYTE is the ultimate choice for PC users and businesses.

Project Background  

As part of partnerships with distributors and retailers worldwide, GIGABYTE is constructing a complementary business model and establishing a direct link with EU corporate customers, granting them access to an exclusive B2B e-commerce environment. 

In addition to their strategic goals, Novicell faced a technical challenge in integrating the product catalogue and web shop with a legacy ERP system. 

The process

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DynamicWeb PIM

Product import from ERP, customized product attributes, inventory management.

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Scalable DynamicWeb eCommerce Website

Supports English and German languages; Simple one-step checkout; Product catalogue with two categories to kickstart.

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VAT Number Validator

To ensure that only officially registered EU businesses place orders and to maintain financial administration compliance, Novicell exclusively developed the VAT number validator for GIGABYTE.

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Custom-built plug for Citi

Customers can pay with credit cards, a tailor-made Citi API integration with DynamicWeb ensures secure data transfer to the payment provider.

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Training and Support

Live and video training and coaching assisted GIGABYTE's operations team in learning to work with DynamicWeb and establishing robust operational processes for seamless order fulfilment and customer support.

“With our new e-commerce platform, https://shop.gigabyte.eu, GIGABYTE is now able to offer online sales, service, and support directly to our B2B customers. With ongoing support from Novicell, who have seamlessly integrated the e-commerce platform into our existing solution, GIGABYTE is expanding its business model to achieve even greater success in e-commerce across Europe." 

Alex C.H. Lien, Managing director

The result

In partnership with Novicell, GIGABYTE Netherlands has taken the lead in building their e-commerce presence across Europe. With their inaugural B2B web shop, the team has laid the foundation and established a knowledge base to grow and expand services in the European market. 

The solution's full potential has yet to be realised as marketing campaigns are poised for launch. 

Are you curious about what we can do for you?

Novicell will be your guide in the realm of e-commerce. Our team of business and technical experts are eager to provide tailored solutions to elevate your business to new heights. Get in touch and let's discuss your opportunities in the B2B eCommerce landscape.

Want to know more about web development, DynamicWeb, or the solution for GIGABYTE? Feel free to reach out to me.

Anders Holt
Chief Executive Officer
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