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Efficient management of product data has led to significantly shorter time-to-market.

Create your personal bathroom space with Dansani.

"Create your personal space" is Dansani's promise to its customers. The Danish manufacturer of bathroom furniture aims to make it easy and inspiring to design one's bathroom with beautiful, well-thought-out, and functional solutions. And they have great success with it. Today, Dansani designs and produces bathroom furniture, distributing it in 20 European countries, with an annual turnover of more than 240 million Danish kroner. Dansani's product portfolio includes washbasins, cabinets, towel warmers, shower enclosures, and much more for the bathroom – totaling over 10,000 variants. Naturally, this results in a large amount of product data that needs to be efficiently created and maintained at a very high level of data quality.

Requirement specification, benchmarking, and business consulting

Novicell assisted Dansani in creating a requirement specification, including identifying needs and business processes. This formed the foundation for Novicell and Dansani to benchmark various PIM solutions together and ensure the right choice of a PIM system for the bathroom furniture manufacturer. The choice landed on Perfion, which Dansani is highly satisfied with today.

Automatic updating of Dansani's product data and assets to product databases

Previously, Dansani used to push an updated dataset of product data and corresponding assets to each individual retailer, hardware store, and plumbing installer once a year. This dataset contained the specific products that each of them needed, including prices, product images, descriptions, and dimensions. The dataset was manually prepared and tailored for each customer. Moving forward, product data and assets are delivered as a dataset that is automatically transferred on a daily basis to product databases like Byggebasen, Branchehuset, and others. Customers then retrieve product data for relevant items from these product databases. This ensures that all product data is delivered in a consistently high quality with minimal risk of errors and minimal manual handling. Additionally, it is now also effortless to add and update assets, which customers automatically receive in their datasets. As a result, Dansani can easily supplement their product range throughout the year with new products, and customers can independently access relevant data, images, and documents whenever needed. For both existing and new customers, this setup has led to a significantly lower time-to-market for Dansani's products in the future.

In collaboration with Novicell, we have optimized our digital business as well as the way we deliver product data and assets to our websites, retailers, and installers. Our time-to-market has been significantly reduced.

Loïc Folmer, Head of Digital

Tech stack & building blocks

Product data originates in Dansani's ERP system, Navision. Subsequently, it is enriched in the PIM system, Perfion. Images, videos, and graphics are also fetched from the DAM system, Kontainer. All updated and enriched product data is then transferred to Dansani's own e-commerce solution, hosted on a BigCommerce platform, and presented in their individual webshops.

Dansani system architecture

The key benefits

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    Dansani has achieved a significantly shorter time-to-market with new products.

  • The Perfion-solution

    Dansani can create custom logic and inheritance attributes within the Perfion solution themselves.

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    Data processors

    Dansani has saved a significant number of hours by automating data processes.

Throughout the process, Novicell has been highly solution-oriented and has shown great understanding of our business challenges. We've worked closely with a highly skilled PIM team to set up a complex PIM solution with its related integrations. We feel that Novicell is an extension of our own internal digital team at Dansani.

Loïc Folmer, Head of Digital