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BigCommerce offers commerce solution based on a modern and open SaaS platform. BigCommerce is member of the MACH Alliance


BigCommerce is a commerce platform originally built for small businesses but has evolved into a contender for large scale enterprises. Thanks to a dual personality of supporting both out-of-the-box template-based frontend and headless option. This offers a short time-to-market and the possibility of exploiting new markets, business models and similar on the same platform. BigCommerce is suitable for all types of businesses – from SMB to the enterprise segment

Link to Bigcommerce.com

Why Choose Novicell?

Novicell has a long history of headless implementations combined with extensive experience in template-based frontend solutions. This experience was key in validating BigCommerce as an important technology in Novicells “best of breed” commerce offerings.

We are currently implementing BigCommerce solutions for several international companies.

As a MACH Alliance member, with BigCommerce you are ensured the platform is built on modern technology principles.

Part of something bigger

Like Novicell, BigCommerce is also part of the MACH Alliance. An industry-leading alliance that has focuses on a flexible, best-of-breed tech stack of high quality, prepared according to the MACH principles (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native & Headless).

Read about MACH Architecture here

BigCommerce positions themselves as Open SaaS. The platform is Software-as-a-Service as 95% of its functionality is accessible via API. These are the cornerstones of the versatility of BigCommerce. Open SaaS build upon the security from SaaS solutions – safety, scalability and updates – and adds flexibility from open source with accessibility via API. This makes BigCommerce suitable as a platform in many contexts and for companies of all sizes.

Advantages with BigCommerce

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    MACH alliance membership ensures security

    BigCommerce is built after MACH principles ensuring scalability, flexibility and integrability

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    All-in-one solution or dedicated headless platform

    The ability to start with a quick template-based store to prove a hypothesis and still have the option to convert to headless in the future.

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    BigCommerce is used across the world lately with high growth rates in the European market. Thus, BigCommerce is well-proven - and that is across industries and business of different sizes.

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    Open SaaS

    The stability in continuous updates and scalability from SaaS combined with increased flexibility is ideal to support any future requirements.