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MACH Architecture

Microservices, API-first, Cloud-based and Headless.

MACH Alliance

As the first Danish-owned consulting company, Novicell has been included in the 'MACH Alliance'. The International Technology Alliance is a non-profit organisation that works for companies to build their IT architecture on open and the best technological ecosystems. The MACH Alliance is a global community of technology suppliers and system integrators who all aim to change the way companies buy and develop digital solutions in the future.

Selected companies we have helped with MACH architecture


Companies will be too slow to adapt to new business opportunities and requirements if they continue to believe that it is possible to consolidate their entire digital presence into one large platform. The companies must instead break down their large solutions into smaller and far more specialised and so-called "best-of-breed" platforms, which support the real needs of the companies.

- Instead of choosing one solution, where there is a high risk of choosing the wrong one, the alliance supports decoupling the systems and Instead putting together your solution from the best, specialised solutions from around the world based on the business needs you have. As an advisor, you will only be accepted into the MACH Alliance if you have shown that you know how to work in this way.

Billede af Adam Peter Nielsen
Adam Peter Nielsen, CTO

What is behind the MACH principles?

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M: Microservices

Microservices are self-contained applications that can be built, deployed and maintained as independent modular components. If there is a failure in one microservice, it does not affect your entire solution, making it more robust. Scaling and updating each component can be done independently instead of having to upgrade the entire system.

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A: API-first

APIs enable integration between different solutions such as ERP and CRM in your technology suite. API-first is designed and built for interoperation, reducing the chance of silos.

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C: Cloud-based

Using the cloud as a hosting infrastructure means that solutions can be easily accessed from anywhere and on-demand. Eliminates the need to operate and maintain your own data centre. Provides extra flexibility - when it's time to scale up or update.

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H: Headless

Here the front end is separated from the back end. By separating the front end from the back end, you get maximum design freedom and faster prototyping.