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Dynamics 365 Marketing

At Novicell, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner and can help you strengthen the customer relationship and create loyalty across all contact points through Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 is the obvious email and automation tool for companies that already use Dynamics CRM or sales. With this powerful engine, you can deliver personalised content and build customer trust with one unified and super flexible platform. Strengthen your marketing setup with real-time campaign progression across the entire customer lifecycle.

Link to dynamics.microsoft.com

Why choose Novicell?

At Novicell, we have many years of experience with the entire Dynamics 365 suite - including Marketing.

The platform has countless options for segmentation, data and campaign progression.
But with the many exciting functions and options, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to

start or how best to optimise your setup.
At Novicell, we can therefore help guide you through Dynamics 365 Marketing and ensure that you get the most out of the platform - to the benefit of both your business and customers.

Advantages with Dynamics 365 Marketing

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    Real time

    Hit home with your messages. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can both attract customers and take advantage of data changes in real time. You can then tailor your experiences so that you always hit home with both content and timing.

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    AI functionality

    Harness the value of data. Use your customer data to easily create customised content that automatically delivers the right content depending on who the recipient of your campaign is. Use the built-in AI to experiment and get maximum value out of your measures.

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    Easy integration with CRM

    A part of the Microsoft Suite. If your company already uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can easily obtain all data from CRM into the Marketing platform. You are only a few clicks away from your contacts, lists and master data.

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    Support the customer journey

    Build advanced automation flows. With Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can create customised flows that react to events across marketing, sales and service. Convert leads into customers or build loyalty for your current customers with advanced automated flows.

You should consider Dynamics 365 Marketing as your new marketing platform if you:

  • Already have other parts of the Dynamics 365 Suite - such as CRM
  • Will work ambitiously with your email marketing and automation efforts
  • Want to work towards an Omnichannel setup or would like to be closer to sales and service
  • Want to link marketing to your sales processes and create more loyal customers