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Project Zambia 2014

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Project Zambia: The school opens

January 2014 was a happy and proud month for Project Zambia. 3 ½ years of painstaking construction work has been completed, and the project's school was declared open on Saturday 31st of January.

Novicell's January donation ensured the completion of the teaching room's furniture - including the room's tables and chairs, which are all handmade by the project's carpenter. Also the school's 'canvas', which is made of wood and painted white, bears Novicell's name.

The pupils are very impressed by the school's standard and have just had their first real day at school after the weekend reception.

See more at Project Zambias Facebook Page.


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New sports shoes for the students

In February, Novicell sponsored sports shoes for all students at Northern Star Academy. Sport is a large part of the school day, where the students have 2 hours of sport every day and, in addition, they also teach the children of the suburbs in sport twice a week.

It has been a great gift to be able to give all students new shoes, so that they all have the same starting point to participate and give their best in the lessons.

Northern star Academy has been open for 4 weeks now and we are very happy and proud - it is fantastic to experience the students absorbing and feeling the development that is already taking place.

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New toilet buildings

In March, Novicell donated a toilet building to the students at Northern Star Academy. The toilet building contains 3 pull&drop toilets and a depot for storing cleaning materials and toilet paper. The doors on the building are homemade by our own carpenter Anwell.

The students at the school send grateful thoughts to Denmark, as the vast majority are used to holes in the ground :-)

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New facilities for eco-pigs

In April, Novicell contributed to Zambias agriculture. Project Zambia now counts over 100 pigs, and it is therefore time for expansion.

The new concept for the animals' facilities is simple: They roam freely from 05.30 on a 35-hectare area. At 15.00 we ring the bell and feed the pigs inside the paddock. The doors are closed while the pigs eat, and here they sleep overnight until the doors are opened again the next morning.

We hope for healthy, free-range eco-pigs that grow at a normal growth rate.

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Life jackets for swimming lessons

In May and June, Novicell has donated swimming vests to the school's students at Northern Star Academi.

The vast majority of our students and the country's inhabitants in general cannot swim, and many are therefore afraid of water. The school's new vests remove the students' fear of the water and result in 100% participation in the swimming lessons with the final result - that the young people learn to swim!

The swimming is currently well underway, and the project's students sign off with a big THANK YOU. :)

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Playground for the neighboring town

In the month of May/June, Novicell donated life jackets to project Zambia school and at the same time secured the creation of a smaller project in the school's neighboring village 'Katoto'. There are a lot of children in the small villages who do not go to school and who have to keep themselves active during the day.

We have made their everyday life a little more fun with a playground with games tables, swings, slings and a good climbing tree.

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Painting course and decoration

When the NSA students returned from vacation in mid-July, they were introduced to 4 Danish seminar trainees belonging to creative electives. In the middle of the elective 'art', the school's students got a good idea; namely to decorate the schools dining hall.

With financial help from Novicell, the months of July and August have therefore been spent on water scrubbing, the primer, coloring hand-drawn motifs and cleaning a lot of brushes... See the result on the beetles here!

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Grain grinder for polenta and soybeans

Project Zambia can check off another checkmark when it comes to the school's self-sufficiency with a newly purchased grain mill, which gives them the opportunity to grind their own maize flour. Both staff and students enjoy the product, known locally as N'shima - but better known as polenta, on a daily basis.

The grinder also grinds soya beans, which are an important protein supplement in their animal feed.

The mill also allows local farmers to sell whole sacks of corn. Before, local farmers had to process the maize before Project Zambia could buy the finished product.

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Volleyball court

"Thanks to our volunteers, the local workers, Novicell and the students, our new beautiful volleyball court is finally ready. Sand has been dug and hauled for many days, and therefore everyone was extra happy when the court could finally be inaugurated with a volleyball tournament for students and volunteers.

We are now looking forward to the court being used by everyone in Eventure Village: workers and volunteers enjoy a game of volleyball after work, and our students use the court in their sports lessons."

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Recruitment tour

"Week 43 was recruitment week at Northern Star Academy. Students, volunteers and tourists from Eventure Camp were in the two major towns of Mpulungu and Mbala to find the young people who will make up next year's school team.

Many interested people came forward, and through two rounds of interviews, the best were invited to Selection Day in November, where potential students come to the school and the final selection takes place.

With the newly decorated truck, flyers, posters and a large recruitment crew, Eventure was highly visible in the landscape, and overall this year's recruitment tour was a great success.”

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Recruitment tour

"Following October's successful recruitment tour, prospective students were invited to Selection Day 2014.

On Saturday the 8th of November, the expectant young people were picked up in Mbala and Mpulungu and sailed to Eventure Village. Here they were met by a number of activities and tasks where the young people were allowed to show off their best sides. At the same time, they had the opportunity to see the school's facilities and talk to current students.

There was collaboration, thinking, laughing, playing and dancing, and when the day was over, the names of the 30 students who will attend the school next year were named. We are already looking forward to welcoming them on January 30, 2015!"

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Closing week

“After a successful first year at Northern Star Academy, it's time to send the students out into the world.

The end of the school year was marked with style. The whole of the last week was set aside for celebration, joy and reflection. The students made plays and role plays, they taught each other, wrote the Blue Book, reflected on the year at school, played water balloon fights and much, much more.

Both students and teachers did everything to enjoy the last time together, and everyone had a closing week at full speed and with lots of fun, laughter, tears and hugs.

Thank you to Novicell for a good year of 2014. Now we are already looking forward to the new team of students arriving on 30th of January 2015."

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