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Project Zambia 2020

Another new ...but different school year at NSA

8th year in a row, Novicell supports the association Eventure's project in Zambia. The project includes the sports secondary school Northen Star Academy, the kindergarten Eventure Care and the floating library 'Living Library'. Novicell supports every month, rather than with a large lump sum, to ensure continued development in the area.

2020 naturally started with challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which made it difficult for Project Zambia to execute the plans that had been laid for the year. Fortunately, the coronavirus never became a real threat to the citizens of the villages and the students at the school.

In 2020, Project Zambia also benefited from two new facilitators. Susanne Plesner-Bloch has taken a year's leave from Jyske Bank and has returned "home" to the project: "Being involved in making a difference in such a different culture is an experience that is very difficult to describe - it has to be experienced!" ”. Susanne has been joined by Netali, who is a trained physiotherapist - with lots of gymnastics in her rucksack. We are sure that together with the local development team they will have a fantastic year.

COVID-19 status in Zambia - spring and summer 2020

The COVID-19 fog has really settled over the villages and Northern Star Academy in 2020. When the schools closed down in Zambia due to the coronavirus outbreak, Project Zambia chose to isolate the oldest and weakest citizens from the villages in the school facilities. Here, the elderly and infirm citizens have received free board and lodging, as well as day programs with content-rich activities. There has been really positive feedback on that. Fortunately, COVID-19 did not become a reality for the villagers in Zambia, and in June the elderly and infirm could return to the villages and the schools could open again. Den 22. juni åbnede børnehaven og Northern Star Academy igen dørene for eleverne. Eventure står naturligvis og tripper for at det igen bliver muligt at få danske frivillige afsted for at fortsætte støtten i Zambia.

COVID-19 status in Zambia - autumn and winter 2020

Due to the European setback of COVID-19, it has been very quiet this autumn at Northern Star Academy in terms of Danish participation. However, a group of young Danes managed to get to Zambia at the end of September. Here the aim was to work further towards creating a "learning community". This means that everyone has a shared responsibility for learning and some of the students are ambassadors in selected subjects and happily take responsibility for learning and goals on behalf of the students. The world situation on top of the global pandemic is still not optimal, but at Novicell we look forward to (hopefully) soon being able to send a team of "good and voluntary" helpers.