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Project Zambia 2021

Eventure Zambia has made it through 2020 wholeheartedly. Northern Star Academy and Eventure Care are back in full force, while the Danish volunteers are expected to return during the spring.

Yay - here we go again!

The projects in Zambia have managed the last year absolutely fantastic - but that is why we are still unbelievably happy to be able to send Danish volunteers off again! The first 3 volunteers landed on September 20th and on October 18th, another 12 will follow. The 15 volunteers will help finish the school year and help with the recruitment of new students.

The impact of the Corona on daily life in Zambia

On Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, Zambia's Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya, announced that the country's schools, restaurants, bars and more were closing down. At this time, Zambia had not yet registered a single corona case. However, that changed the very next day, when a married couple, just returned from France, tested positive for covid-19. Since then, Zambia has registered around 50,000 infected, and especially in the second wave - which started at the beginning of December - the numbers (and the testing capacity) have excelled. It seems unnecessary to point out that covid-19 is a serious disease, but seen from a Zambian perspective, the disease is just one among many diseases. Malaria, tuberculosis and malnutrition are major health challenges.

A bright future

Despite approximately 50,000 Zambians infected with corona and periodic lockdowns, the future still looked bright for Project Zambia. On January 20th, Northern Star Academy's newest batch of 2021 students arrived on the plot and the preschool, Eventure Care, is also back in business. Eventure's co-founder, Glenn Mott, looks forward to the future: - The local staff are solely responsible for the operation and this year's objectives. To the great joy of the project, there is no lack of will and courage among the project's employees, who have seen it as natural to adjust the content of daily life according to their own abilities and interests. The students have been involved to a greater extent in the preparatory processes and are proud to have an important role in the project's high spirits and diverse initiatives.

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Artist visit and play with clay

The kindergarten in Zambia was visited by the local artist Isaac, who taught the children how to make clay. Issac himself has delivered several sculptures to the project and many former volunteers have ordered pictures to take home. It is important to us that the children meet new inspiration and get good role models. Every week, the students from NSA prepare and carry out fun, educational and creative activities for the children, where they develop together.

5th birthday

In September, Eventure Care celebrated its 5th birthday with children and parents. We are experiencing huge support for the project from the villages and the sum of all your/our efforts has borne fruit.

The CSR partnership

Glenn Mott visiting Kentaur A/S. The CSR partnership, which consists of 6 companies, covers the operation of the project in Zambia. In addition, each company must launch an initiative on the project that will benefit the locals. Kentaur is behind a new building where former students from NSA can learn to sew and then develop small business initiatives and become self-sufficient. There have been 4 sewing courses so far and great interest in and joy at the opportunity.

Avocado trees galore!

The students at NSA often ask for the opportunity to earn money while they are at school. That is why Eventure sometimes creates the opportunity for them to use their week off at school to work on ongoing projects. Last week it was to plant 200 avocado trees on the plot, as we have learned that our avocado trees have fine growing conditions on the plot.

Straight to the right leg

In the spring, we did a collection of football boots for project Zambia and it was very well received. We have received boots from all over the country and several have started collections in their football clubs. When Glenn and Peter visited the project in April, they had to buy extra bags that were FILLED with football boots. They were well received and to that extent have been given new life.

Party and dance

If anyone knows how to party, it's the former students of Northern Star Academy! The big annual reunion in Zambia was on a Friday and the day consisted - as usual - of a football tournament, waka waka dancing, presentations of the different year groups, delicious food and dancing as well as singing and music. Even the pictures exude a good atmosphere, high spirits and joy of reunion!

Internship in Zambia

Eventure collaborates with several educational institutions and is more than happy to accept interns. The 18th of October, 7 teacher-students from UCN in Aalborg traveled to the project in Zambia. The student teachers must be in practice for 8 weeks and be participants both at NSA and in Eventure Care. On the return journey, they pass by Livingstone and see the Victoria Falls and go on a 2-day safari - you are always welcome to get in touch if you might be interested in doing an internship in Zambia or Nicaragua.

Pond farm, wood stove and windmill

At the entrepreneurial school in Nicaragua, the students have made their own camp stoves. A wood stove combines efficient combustion with optimal oxygen supply. This enables the wood stove to deliver impressive heat with minimal amounts of fuel.

The course participants have also tried their hand at developing fish farming. A test basin has been dug that must be tested before the project is escalated. In addition, foundations are being dug for the 8-metre-high wind turbine, which will supply the pond farm with fresh water. We look forward to following the development at the entrepreneurial school!

Eventure workshop is here to stay!

From now on, future volunteers must attend a 2-day workshop in Eventure's clubhouse in Juelsminde, in order to be properly prepared for their upcoming stay. The workshop contains knowledge about the "Eventure Learning Community" and the new structures. We talk about personality types and how we can best put ourselves to work in a community. Meals from both Zambia and Nicaragua are prepared and the cozy atmosphere around the fire and the morning bath. The first workshop was held in September and was a huge success.