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Project Zambia 2022

Since 2013, Novicell has supported the project with ongoing donations to ensure continued development of the project. This year it was again possible to send a bunch of good and diligent Novicell employees to visit the Northern Star Academy in Zambia.

Eight people from Novicell visiting Zambia

In previous years, Novicell has succeeded in establishing internet in the teaching rooms at the secondary school, where the local staff have been introduced to its use, which has contributed to the fact that it is now used in teaching at Northern Star Academy.

Due to the new digital opportunities, previous teams have also ensured that they have been taught basic marketing principles at the Northern Star Academy.

The purpose of this year's trip was to build on the digital journey that previous Novicell teams had already begun. Specifically, this year's trip had three focus areas, which were defined together with Glenn Mott from Eventure before the team's departure:

Setting up a new router

The first of the three focus areas was setting up a new router, which was supposed to ensure the possibility of storing valuable learning material and documents for the school and kindergarten online. This station was very successfully implemented and used already during our visit.

Making the project visible to local Zambians

In addition, it was a desire to build on the marketing skills of the local staff, so that in the future they have the right tools to make the opportunities and characteristics that Project Zambia contributes visible to the local Zambians. Making this visible is considered one of several decisive factors to ensure local support for the project's existence.

Playful and creative learning

In addition, it was also a wish to help project Zambia with several usable tablets to be used in teaching at Northern Star Academy and Eventure Care. These tablets were supposed to help improve the students' existing learning conditions, where they were, among other things, to be used to activate the students' digital learning patterns in a more innovative, playful and creative way.

Although 10 days does not sound like a long time to master this, it has been possible for this year's team in collaboration with Glenn Mott from Eventure to implement and activate all three focus areas. We now proudly follow from home, and focus on spreading the word about the opportunities Project Zambia creates for the local Zambians.

This year the trip was represented by 8 employees from Denmark. Here we have had the pleasure of assembling a team consisting of employees with the right skills to meet the defined focus areas.

Do you want to support Project Zambia?

Help support the fantastic project Zambia!

You can support both as a private person or as a company if you are looking for a value-creating CSP project.

For business support, reach out to Glenn Mott at his e-mail [email protected]

Project Zambia spring 2022

This year is our 10th anniversary as supporters of project zambia, and with that we also have the good news that we can start traveling to Zambia again.

The Lund Jespersen family about their time in Zambia

"Our family time on the project has been a really great experience. In the broadest sense, it gives the children and us a shared experience with a completely different way of living. Truly affirming are the countless magical moments in everyday life, where new acquaintances and experiences are transformed into shared smiles and laughter! Everything creates a challenging, inspiring and unique experience for the whole family!"

Targeted visits to the projects

Eventure's projects can easily be part of various studies or as an opportunity to gain more experience in your field. Camilla: "I have dreamed of spending my time on something that creates value for others. I have come across your entrepreneurship school, which sounds really interesting and like an exciting adventure, where I feel I can contribute with my skills. I finish my contract as a scientific assistant at Aalborg University on 31st of December, where I have worked as a supervisor and teacher for two years after I completed my master's degree in sustainable design in 2019". Camilla has already settled in well in Nicaragua.

Video from Tørring high school

Tørring gymnasium visited the project in Zambia in the autumn and they have made this nice and informative video:

Watch it here

Fantastic support from Denmark

When the school year ends, the task is to find high-school sponsorships for all students from NSA. Fortunately, we have never had challenges with this, because there are people that are always ready to support our students. Tørring high school has an annual collection, and in 2021 they collected to sponsor 9 students over 3 years. The last 9 are sponsored by personal sponsors who will follow the students through the 3 years with annual sponsorship letters.