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Umbraco Scalability: Overview and Misconceptions

Published March 3, 2022 By Mikkel Keller Stubkjær

Umbraco Content Management System (CMS), why choose it?

Novicell is an Umbraco agency, which means that we know the Umbraco CMS platform down the very last details. We have developed over 200 successful Umbraco solutions for our clients and host regular Umbraco webinars designed to teach you how to optimise your digital strategy using Umbraco solutions.

Umbraco is not license based and is completely free to use. There are no additional costs involved which means that your company can reserve room in your budget for features that matter the most. After all, expensive CMS software is not always necessarily better than free software.​

With Umbraco, you also have access to a world-class editor experience. You have the ability to design, present and edit your website exactly how you want it. Umbraco’s content editor allows you to preview your content before it’s live so that you can understand how it will look and feel on all types of devices. It’s the most effective way to prepare and publish web content.

Even our own website is built using Umbraco. It’s safe to say that Umbraco is a great fit for our business, so much so that we became an Umbraco Gold Partner.

But what about scalability? Will Umbraco grow with my business?

This is a common misconception about Umbraco, and one we can easily debunk.

Simply put, yes! Umbraco CMS is specifically tailored to you and your individual business needs. Whether you are a start-up enterprise with a four-page website or a large-scale organisation with high website traffic and thousands of webpages to accommodate this, Umbraco guarantees that your website is a continual success.

Umbraco does not remain static in the context in which it is set up. Instead, it is extremely flexible and can pivot to your business’ growth. Umbraco platforms are designed with your future business in mind. The CMS software is proficient in developing feature extensions to meet the digital demands associated with business growth. This means that as your business begins to grow, Umbraco will provide the framework and functionality to support it.

Not only this, but Umbraco has a huge team of experts as well as an active and friendly Umbraco user community to support you and your business at all stages of growth.

Why is CMS scalability so important?

Imagine a small-scale business in its infancy. What is fundamental here is that businesses have a CMS with core functionality to enable administrative users to create, add and delete content without difficulty.  

Now compare this to a long-established, high-profile business that attracts high volumes of users to its website each day. This will require a major build and multiple custom features to power the website and cope with high-traffic scenarios. Each of these businesses are in need of a CMS, but their individual requirements couldn't be further apart. With a thorough understanding of your current business position, Umbraco CMS can pivot directly to your businesses’ growth.

To enhance scalability, we created Novicell Premium, an advanced website solution built on top of Umbraco that works immediately without any configuration. As part of this, we developed a headless architecture that separates the Umbraco CMS (back-end) from the front-end experience. This means that you can easily, and at any point, scale your website without compromising its overall performance. Other benefits include: 

  • As your CMS is separated it is easier to keep your CMS upgraded to the latest version. There is no website code lingering in the CMS which makes it more clean, upgradable and easier to maintain.
  • As the CMS is no longer interconnected to the live front-facing website it can be restricted from the public domain which can help implement tighter security measures. This also means that if your CMS is requires maintenance, it will not affect the overall running of your website.

Read more about our product, Novicell Premium, here.