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Novicell Premium

Our very own plug-and-play website solution

What is Novicell Premium

There's a huge number of platforms that allow you to easily create a website. However, if you want a solution that can accommodate your business growth, you’ll benefit from a solution that is tailored specifically to you. Novicell Premium is our very own, advanced website solution built on top of Umbraco CMS. It works immediately without any configuration and is the first of its kind, especially designed for you and your business.

Why Novicell Premium?

Umbraco is great if you want to build everything in your CMS from scratch. But what if your website requires immediate usability and you simply don’t have the time? You’ll need Novicell Premium - our own advanced website platform built on top of Umbraco that ensures fast deployment of your website with no technical experience required.

Novicell Premium highlights

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    Multilingual foundation

    Novicell Premium adapts to international markets with different language needs on different sites. You can also build multiple sites using just one solution for your different brands, specific campaigns or partner sites.

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    Flexible integration

    Anything can be integrated into the Premium platform. You can install a custom design that fits with your brand, third party systems from within your organisation or even custom functionalities chosen by you.

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    Your solution can be scaled up or down to suit you. Integrate it into any business system, third-party service or partner service and keep the Premium platform relevant to your growing business needs.

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    Headless first approach

    Premium takes a headless first approach that separates the Umbraco CMS system from your website. This gives you great flexibility when it comes to content creation, allowing your content editors to focus exclusively on content.

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    Try before you buy

    With Premium, you can see the design, test the user experience and ‘feel’ your solution before buying. This way you’ll know exactly what to expect and what you’ll pay for.

“We now have an effective CMS supporting all our regional teams. Most importantly, our digital business model has turned into a true business driver.” 

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Dave Baldwin, Head of Digital
Sinclair Pharma

“We are really impressed with the Umbraco Premium platform. It’s so easy to navigate and use as a content editor compared to our old CMS.” 

Ben Kingwell, Website Content Associate


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