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Why Should You Work with a HubSpot Solutions Partner?

From what it involves, why it’s essential, how much it’ll cost you and what your options are, learn everything you’ll need to know about HubSpot onboarding.

Published January 3, 2022 By Klim Lugovtsov

The HubSpot platform has grown to become one of the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platforms. It’s a very robust platform that’s easy to use and offers a wide range of features for every business department. However, this can be very overwhelming for time-poor marketing managers and pressured sales teams. Not everyone has the in-house resources and platform know-how to manage a full HubSpot onboarding and implementation across various departments. 

Whilst there are many benefits for a business to use the HubSpot platform and manage it in house, there are several reasons why you should engage with a HubSpot solutions partner to maximise the platform’s full potential.  

In this blog, we explore what a HubSpot solution partner agency is and what advantages come with working with a HubSpot solutions partner.  

A HubSpot solutions partner is an agency, which, in addition to its base services, shares extensive knowledge of the tools and capabilities of the HubSpot platform. This agency uses its expertise to generate results for clients by using the HubSpot platform to its full extent. They are HubSpot certified and possess a high degree of expertise in their respective areas of service. 


What is a HubSpot Solution Partner?

Expert knowledge, support, and first-hand industry experience 

Working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner means working with an agency that has demonstrated an ability to achieve results that corroborate their expertise with the platform. The true value that a HubSpot solution partner offers is their experience with helping multiple businesses utilise the HubSpot platform to overcome their business challenges, their expert knowledge of best practices and first-hand industry experience with onboarding many businesses just like yours.  

The main difference between engaging HubSpot over a solutions partner is that once HubSpot has sold you a licence and onboarded you, you’re on your own. Whilst this won’t be a problem for businesses with teams of dedicated, in-house HubSpot specialists, in our experience it’s quite normal for businesses to seek expert, ongoing HubSpot advice. 

Working with a HubSpot solutions partner will give you access to a team of certified HubSpot experts who have acquired a wealth of best-practice knowledge from their work on other clients. There’s also something to be said about how HubSpot solution partners tend to challenge the status quo, always looking for ways to meet your business objectives by using the HubSpot platform.   

Whether it’s a complicated workflow or a basic troubleshooting error, a HubSpot solutions partner will offer you the best approach to solving your problem with little to no effort required by you. This takes the pressure off you to master the platform and gives you more time to focus on your day-to-day job.  

Custom onboarding services 

As a fast-growing, global business, HubSpot strives for consistency across its sales and onboarding process. HubSpot achieves this by standardising its onboarding process to ensure quick turnaround times, and a certain level of consistent service delivery. This gives you access to a dedicated onboarding specialist that guides you through your onboarding plan.  

This is great for businesses that have a simple setup and basic business requirements. However, those businesses with complex setups or bespoke requirements typically choose to benefit from onboarding delivered by a solutions partner who offers a more personalised experience and onboarding that meets their unique business needs. 

Looking for more information about HubSpot onboarding? Check out this page for the full list of advantages of HubSpot onboarding with a solutions partner agency. 

Bespoke ongoing and strategic support  

In addition to the wealth of platform knowledge that comes with working with a HubSpot partner agency, you’ll get access to bespoke wrap-around digital marketing services that will support your platform usage and overall business objectives. No need to outsource your different marketing needs to different parties. HubSpot solutions partners typically offer additional supporting services, such as content production and creative support (design and development), search engine optimisation support, paid media support (pay per click campaigns and paid social media campaigns).  

The biggest benefit that comes from working with a HubSpot solutions partner is the technical support. HubSpot partners have the software experience, HubSpot connections, and HubSpot knowledge to help you set up your portal, migrate and organise your contacts, companies, and deals, create marketing and sales workflows, and take full advantage of all HubSpot has to offer. While HubSpot has the sales and onboarding teams to get you started with ease, ongoing and strategic support is more limited, and usually only offers a theoretical transfer of knowledge.  

 When you engage HubSpot for onboarding or ongoing consultancy support, they typically look for the answers they need to help you use the platform to overcome your challenges. This differs vastly when you work with a solutions partner, who make it their goal to understand your business processes, needs and the challenges you’re facing so that they can define how they can serve your long-term goals and needs as a partner and extension of your in-house team. 

Early bird access to product betas and features 

HubSpot provides its solution partners, who are typically HubSpot Enterprise growth suite users, with early access to new products and features using their beta programme. Beta services are only available to HubSpot customers who are in good standing with HubSpot and are typically invite-only. As most HubSpot solution partners are HubSpot power users, they’re always invited to participate in closed betas.  

As a customer of a partner agency, you’ll have the advantage of receiving access to the inside scoop of what’s on the horizon for HubSpot’s product roadmap. This is invaluable when you’re looking to be beta than your competition 

User adoption, retention, change management and quicker results 

One of the biggest challenges to rolling out a new platform is getting the team bought into it and up to speed with how to use it. Your investment into the HubSpot platform is only as valuable as your team’s willingness and ability to use it. Those who resist change or don’t see the value in switching platforms will be slow to adopt and use HubSpot.  

The faster you can upskill all the HubSpot users, the faster you can start seeing a return from it. This is where a HubSpot solution partner comes in handy. 

HubSpot solutions partners typically champion the onboarding process and offer bespoke training sessions to help with change management. They implement and configure the platform to help solve end-user challenges, thus encouraging tool usage. When people understand the value the HubSpot platform brings, they’re much more likely to keep using it.  

HubSpot solution partners are typically capable of identifying users most likely to resist the change in the platform and help with getting their buy-in by offering bespoke training sessions to show the value of using the HubSpot platform.  

Maximise your HubSpot investment with the support of Novicell 

As a HubSpot Platinum partner, Novicell is in a unique position to help you both deploy and use the HubSpot platform. We’ve helped several clients onboard the HubSpot platform into their existing technology stacks, enabling them to launch powerful sales and marketing campaigns with comprehensive reporting and attribution.  

If you’d like to chat with us, please feel free to get in touch. 

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