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Consolidation of marketing activities in one consultancy drastically increases Kitchen manufacturer’s brand and sales performance.

Digital strategy boosts performance 

On the journey towards increasingly giving the DESIGNA brand a timeless and competitive boost strategically as well as communicatively, DESIGNA has chosen Novicell to handle all digital efforts - from strategic sparring, content, digital channels, and social media as well as data management. 

For more than 27 years, DESIGNA has produced quality furniture for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. In the last 5-6 years, the kitchen chain has undergone an expansive development and today, is one of the largest players on the Nordic market with more than 50 dealers. 

One digital partner take care of everything

DESIGNA approached Novicell with the desire to optimise its brand and competitive position and focus its marketing efforts by bringing together all digital activities. DESIGNA wanted to scale down its own internal resources and instead partner with the strongest external team to have access to the right skills at the right time. Since the end of 2020, Novicell has handled the chain's digital marketing across all channels in Denmark and Norway. With competencies in all digital areas gathered in one house, we can bring in specialists when needed, which guarantees advice that’s based on what creates the most value - not only the competencies available.

By consolidating at Novicell we achieve a significantly greater impact of our activities. We use our digital resources better - right now we may have one specific need, but next month we will ably need something else. Once we have gathered it all in the same place, it is easier to prioritise efforts, without different agencies having to compete. That allows us to spend our money much more efficiently.

Erik Høj
  • a head with lighting inside icon

    Digital review

    Thorough pre-analysis is the fundament for the strategy and priorities

  • pen inside the setting image icon

    Visual concept

    A new direction for the visual identity, tone of voice, colours, fonts, and images

  • a magnifying glass diving into three sections icon


    Development and launch of two new Dynamicweb websites

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    Social media

    Organic and paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

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    Content & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    Inspiring content universes and stronger SEO landing pages

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    Google Ads

    Ensuring visibility at the top of relevant Google search queries

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    Google My Business

    Increased visibility in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) on the industry’s most relevant search terms

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    Data Dashboard

    Live performance updates and monitoring of initiatives

Consolidation of digital marketing efforts create results

speedmeter icon 48 0 %

increase in store visits in 2021 YoY

a speedometer with a heart icon 17 0 %

increased revenue in 2021 YoY

New website with a compelling visual user experience 

With the desire for an easy-to-navigate CMS (Content Management System), where new digital initiatives and updates can be quickly established, DESIGNA has created two new websites in collaboration with Novicell: www.designa.dk and www.designa.no

The new sites were the start of a budding new visual universe, which in addition to a new web design and development of colours, fonts, and expressions, is accompanied by new product and mood images. They are bound together in new collection universes and side compositions that invite users into the narratives of how the kitchen dream becomes a reality. 

The two sites are built on Dynamicweb, which offers a wide range of digital options, including PIM (Product Information Management) and e-commerce. 

SEO efforts ensure increased visibility

Novicell's content team and SEO specialists are constantly collaborating to improve DESIGNA's rank on Google through initiatives such as:  

  • Optimising existing important SEO content 
  • Highlighting new important SEO landing pages 
  • Implementation of "frequently asked questions" that improve visibility in the SERP 
  • Dealing with SEO technical challenges 

One of the success criteria for delivering a new website is to maintain (or improve) the site's average position with Google. DESIGNA's new websites and their SEO management have been an enormous success. Positions in Google are held for the entire website, while we’ve moved from rank 10 to 7 to top-3 on the industry's largest keywords. 

We’ve also optimized the content of the central landing page for kitchens from being a page with limited text and images to a high-performance landing page with +5,000 words and good interaction between text and images. See the page here

The arrow shows the average rank on Google when the new landing page for kitchens was launched.

Online channels account for a significant increase in meeting bookings 

With DESIGNA's business goals, Novicell has set up several important KPIs to ensure that the marketing budget is used in a way that the KPIs are met optimally. 

One of the objectives is to increase the number of meeting bookings via the website and traffic to the DESIGNA stores. We’ve helped to increase the number of meeting bookings created by online channels year over year by 73% in Denmark and 17% in Norway.

Globe icon 73 0 %

more meetings booked in Denmark

a raising chart icon 17 0 %

more meetings booked in Norway

Higher awareness and conversion increase

Consumers will be inspired and see aesthetic solutions and moods of the kitchen and wardrobe. That's why the image and video-borne channels Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are essential for DESIGNA - both when it comes to creating awareness and conversions. The organic and the paid efforts are two different approaches that when combined, strengthen DESIGNA's overall engagement on social media. Novicell handles all handling of DESIGNA's social media and ensures that the pages are kept up to date with regular weekly posts; news, promotions, and inspiration.

The increased organic focus on social media has contributed:

Chess icon 386 0 K

more monthly image impressions

a phone and a setting circle  icon 78 0 %

more time spent on the Instagram pages

icon of different lines and symbols 52 0 %

increase in Instagram page views